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Maj. Paul F. Straub

Date of Award: October 6, 1906
Conflict: Philippine Insurrection
Branch: U.S. Army

Maj. Paul F. Straub portraitMaj. Paul Straub served as a surgeon with the 36th Infantry of the U.S. Volunteers. At the start of his duty, during the opening weeks of the U.S. military presence in the Philippine Islands, Straub quickly earned a reputation for performing feats of valor. But it was Straub’s participation with the 36th Infantry that earned him the Medal of Honor. It was then that he assisted Lt. Gen. Arthur MacArthur with his push north of Manila, against Philippine leader Emilio Aguinaldo and his troops. President Theodore Roosevelt presented Straub with the Medal of Honor in 1906 at the recommendation of his superior officers.

Citation: “Voluntarily exposed himself to a hot fire from the enemy in repelling with pistol fire an insurgent attack and at great risk of his own life went under fire to the rescue of a wounded officer and carried him to a place of safety.”

Last Updated: July 11, 2023
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