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Defense Health Agency Publications

Welcome to the digital collection of unclassified publications issued by the Director, Defense Health Agency. All publications located here are approved for public release.

The DHA Charter - DOD Directive 5136.13 delegates the DHA Director authority to establish and maintain, for functions assigned, a publication system for regulations, instructions, and reference documents. The Publications System Office (PSO) supports readiness as the DHA's centralized publications management office. PSO administers, indexes, and manages the DHA publication repository.

  • As publications are completed and cleared for public release, they will be made available in the digital library.
  • If you have questions about a publication, contact the Publication Officer at 1-703-275-6286.


DHA-Procedural Instructions

DHA-Procedural Instructions implement policy, assign responsibilities within a functional area that standardize processes to be used throughout the DOD in the administration of all authorized DOD medical and dental programs. DHA-PIs provide overarching procedures to execute policy within the DOD and issue program direction for the execution of policy within the DOD.

File Description Date
1025.01 Health Education and Training Electronic Learning (eLearning) Product Development and Sustainment 2/16/2017
1025.04 Graduate Medical Education 5/18/2022
1100.01 Guidance for Manpower Program 5/16/2019
3200.01 Research and Development (R&D) Enterprise Activity (EA) 8/9/2019
3201.05 Technology Transfer (T2) Program 6/20/2019
4000.03 Energy and Water Resource Management 4/28/2022
4100.01 Sustainment Restoration and Modernization (SRM) Enterprise Project List (EPL) 10/4/2021
4140.01 Normalization of MDE and General Equipment 9/13/2021
4165.01 Real Property Asset (RPA) Management 6/22/2017
4180.01 Emergency Power, Standby Generators, and Stored Energy Power Systems 1/5/2022
5000.01 Implementation of the Military Health System (MHS) Request Submissions Portal and Process 2/19/2020
5020.01 New Integrated Capabilities Portfolio 3/11/2020
5025.01 DHA Publication System 4/1/2022
5400.01 Public Affairs (PA) and Strategic Communications 7/15/2019
6000.03 Life Support Training Certification Requirements and Guidance 5/6/2021
6000.04 Military Health System (MHS) Clinical Communities 6/17/2021
6000.04 Military Health System (MHS) Clinical Communities 6/17/2021
6000.05 TRICARE Prime Travel Benefit Program (PTB) and Combat-Related Disability Travel (CRDT) Program 4/27/2021
6000.07 Joint Medical Executive Skills Program and Learning Continuum 9/3/2021
6000.08 Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care (K9TCCC) Card 6/15/2021
6000.11 Autopsies During Coronavirus 2019 Pandemic 12/7/2021
6000.12 TRICARE Medical Plan Enrollment Instructions and Management Responsibilities 11/24/2021
6010.01 Healthcare Benefits Eligibility Verification and Patient Registration Procedures 6/24/2021
6010.02 MHS Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 10/15/2021
6010.03 DMIS ID Management Procedures 12/9/2021
6015.02 Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (BCAC) and Debt Collection Assistance Officer (DCAO) 4/12/2021
6015.03 Medical Readiness Services Provided to Members of the Reserve Components in Military Treatment Facilities and Dental Treatment Facilities 10/23/2021
6025.01 Implementing the American College of Surgeons (ACS) National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) across the Military Health System (MHS) 12/8/2016
6025.02 Nondiscrimination in Military Health System (MHS) Health Programs and Activities 6/9/2017
6025.03 Standard Processes and Criteria for Establishing Urgent Care (UC) Services and Expanded Hours and Appointment Availability in Primary Care in Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) to Support an Integrated Health Care System (IHCS) 1/30/2018
6025.04 Pain Management and Opioid Safety in the MHS 6/8/2018
6025.05 Personal Services Contracts (PSCs) for Health Care Providers (HCPs) 10/11/2016
6025.06 Standardized Templates for Primary Care Clinical Encounter Documentation 5/16/2018
6025.07 Naloxone in the Military Treatment Facilities 6/19/2018
6025.08 Pharmacy Enterprise Activity 8/14/2018
6025.10 Standard Processes, Guidelines, and Responsibilities of the DoD Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities in the Military Health System (MHS) Military Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) 12/20/2019
6025.11 Processes and Standards for Primary Care Empanelment and Capacity in Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) 10/9/2018
6025.12 Retiree At Cost Hearing Aid Program Retiree Hearing Aid Purchase Program (RACHAP) 7/12/2019
6025.14 Active Duty Service Member (ADSM) Erythrocyte Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency and Sickle Cell Trait (SCT) Screening 12/6/2018
6025.15 Management of Problematic Substance Use by DOD Personnel 4/16/2019
6025.16 Processes and Procedures for Implementation of Standardized Perinatal Training 3/25/2022
6025.17 Healthcare Resolutions, Disclosure, Clinical Conflict Management and Healthcare Provider (HCP) Resiliency and Support in the Military Health System (MHS) 6/18/2019
6025.18 Animal Access to Facilities 5/21/2019
6025.19 Population Health, Operation, and Integration across the Military Health System (MHS) 8/9/2019
6025.20 Medical Management (MM) Program within the Military Health System (MHS) 8/27/2019
6025.25 Military Health System (MHS) Drug Take Back (DTB) Program 2/20/2018
6025.26 Standard Processes for the Military Health System (MHS) Nurse Advice Line (NAL) 10/18/2019
6025.27 Integration of Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) Services into Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and Other Primary Care Service Settings within the Military Health System (MHS) 10/18/2019
6025.28 Standard Processes and Procedures for Communication of Laboratory and Radiology Results 2/21/2020
6025.29 Provision of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for Persons at High Risk of Acquiring HIV Infection 12/20/2019
6025.30 Guidance for Service Implementation of Code Purple for Obstetric Emergencies 12/9/2019
6025.31 Military Medical Treatment Facility Pharmacy Operations 12/20/2019
6025.32 MHS GENESIS Medical Devices 3/16/2020
6025.33 Acupuncture Practice in Military Treatment Facilities 2/20/2020
6025.34 Guidance for the DOD Influenza Vaccination Program (IVP) 8/21/2020
6025.37 Birth Certificate and Reporting 5/6/2021
6025.39 Medical Ethics in the Military Health System 8/20/2021
6025.42 Routine Adult Transthoracic Echocardiogram (TTE) Standards for all Military Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) 11/4/2021
6025.44 Surgical and Procedural Patient Safety Practices 1/6/2022
6025.45 Ready Reliable Care Safety Communication Bundle 1/3/2022
6040.01 Implementation Guidance for the Utilization of DD Form 1380, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Card 1/20/2017
6040.02 Sharing of Beneficiary Health Care Data through the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) Health Information Exchange (HIE) Initiative 8/14/2017
6040.03 Joint Trauma Lexicon 8/21/2019
6040.04 Guidance for Amendment and Correction of Entries in Garrison Electronic Health Records (EHRs) 2/21/2020
6040.05 Enterprise Processes for Translating Defense Health Program (DHP) Funded Research into Standards of Clinical Trauma Care across the DOD 6/26/2020
6040.06 Combatant Command (CCMD) Trauma System (CTS) 9/8/2020
6040.07 Medical Coding of the DOD Health Record 3/8/2021
6040.08 Guidance for Immediate Completion and Closure of Open Encounters and Records in Legacy Systems 6/16/2021
6040.09 Service Treatment Record (STR) Digitization, Quality Assurance, and Destruction 5/5/2021
6040.10 MHS GENESIS Resolution of Procedural Conflicts 6/23/2021
6200.02 Comprehensive Contraceptive Counseling and Access to the Full Range of Methods of Contraception 5/13/2019
6200.05 Force Health Protection Quality Assurance (FHPQA) Program 5/2/2018
6200.06 Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) Program 5/9/2017
6200.07 Inclusion of Gambling Disorder on the Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) 12/20/2019
6205.01 Medical Logistics Guidance for the DoD Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccination Program 5/10/2021
6400.01 Humane Slaughter of Animals in DOD Programs 9/7/2021
6401.01 Dental Sedation Medical Management 5/4/2021
6410.02 Dental Universal Protocol 5/21/2021
6410.03 Process and Procedures for Implementation of Standardized Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography Operations and Training 8/26/2021
6430.02 Defense Medical Logistics (MEDLOG) Enterprise Activity (EA) 9/27/2018
6430.04 Use of Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) as the Authoritative Information System (IS) of Record for Medical Logistics (MEDLOG) Enterprise Activity (EA) 12/20/2019
6430.05 Medical Image Management Systems Support Office (MIMSO) 7/8/2021
6430.08 Medical Logistics Order Management 8/25/2021
6430.09 Prime Vendor Onsite Representative 7/1/2021
6440.01 Governance of the Military Health System Clinical Laboratories 9/20/2021
6485.01 Guidance for the Identification, Treatment, and Care of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) among Persons Infected with HIV 12/10/2021
6490.01 inTransition Program 7/12/2019
6490.02 Behavioral Health (BH) Treatment and Outcomes Monitoring 7/12/2018
6490.03 Deployment Health Procedures 12/17/2019
6490.04 Required Clinical Tools and Procedures for Assessment and Clinical Management of Mild Brain Injury (mTBI)/Concussion in Non-Deployed Setting 4/26/2021
6490.12 Military Behavioral Health Technician (BHT) Management and Utilization 4/14/2022
7000.01 Patient Travel 7/6/2021
7040.01 Defense Health Program General Equipment 11/17/2021
8000.01 Information Technology Infrastructure Service Delivery Management Program 10/5/2021
8100.01 Information Security Compliance for Defense Health Agency Financially Auditable Information Systems. 1/12/2021
8140.01 Acceptable Use of Defense Health Agency Information Technology (IT) 10/16/2018
8140.02 The Military Health System Informatics Steering Committee Structure 5/19/2022
8160.01 Defense Health Program (DHP) System Inventory Management and Reporting 5/13/2019
8370.01 Standard Isolation Architecture for Cybersecurity of Facility-Related Control Systems 4/18/2022
8400.01 CyberLOG MDE Risk Management 3/2/2020
8400.02 Financial Management of Information Technology Systems and Services 8/2/2021

DHA-Procedures Manuals

DHA-Procedures Manuals implement policy within a functional area that standardize processes to be used throughout activities of the DOD in the administration of all authorized DOD medical and dental programs by providing detailed procedures on managing or operating functional areas and providing administrative information. 

File Description Date
1025.01 Course Development 7/22/2021
4000.02 Medical Devices and Equipment Requirements Management 10/18/2021
4140.01 Accreditation and Certification Compliance Management for Defense Health Agency-Assigned Facilities 6/13/2022
4500.01 Fleet Management 7/9/2021
6000.04 Military Health System (MHS) Clinical Communities 6/17/2021
6015.01 Military Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) Uniform Business Office (UBO) Operations (Note: DHA-PM 6015.01 has replaced DoD 6010.15-M) 10/24/2017
6025.01 Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) Standards 1/10/2020
6025.02, Volume 1 DOD Health Record Lifecycle Management, Volume 1: General Principles, Custody and Control, and Inpatient Records 11/23/2021
6025.02, Volume 2 DOD Health Record Lifecycle Management, Volume 2: Outpatient Record Components and Dental Records 12/16/2021
6025.13, Volumes 1-7 Clinical Quality Management in the Military Health System 9/1/2019
6025.13, Volume 1 Clinical Quality Management in the Military Health System, Volume 1 9/1/2019
6025.13, Volume 2 Clinical Quality Management in the Military Health System, Volume 2 9/1/2019
6025.13, Volume 3 Clinical Quality Management in the Military Health System, Volume 3 9/1/2019
6025.13, Volume 4 Clinical Quality Management in the Military Health System, Volume 4 9/1/2019
6025.13, Volume 5 Clinical Quality Management in the Military Health System, Volume 5 9/1/2019
6025.13, Volume 6 Clinical Quality Management in the Military Health System, Volume 6 9/1/2019
6025.13, Volume 7 Clinical Quality Management in the Military Health System, Volume 7 9/1/2019
6050.01 Medical Logistics (MEDLOG) Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Management 7/22/2021
6430.02 Medical Logistics (MEDLOG) Linen Services Management 6/16/2021
6430.03 Medical Logistics Materiel Quality Procedures 1/13/2021
6430.04 Medical Logistics Healthcare Environmental Cleaning Services Management 6/29/2021
6430.05 Shelf-Life Extension Program (SLEP) 10/5/2021
6430.07 Freight Management 10/14/2021
6430.08 Joint Deployment Formulary (JDF) 1/26/2022
6430.09 Medical Logistics (MEDLOG) Customer Support Program 4/27/2022

DHA-Technical Manuals

DHA-Technical Manuals provide procedures for operation, maintenance, and training requirements to deploy or system. 

File Description Date
3200.02 Scientific Review of Clinical Investigations in Military Medical Treatment Facilities 7/1/2021
3200.01 Reimbursement of Research Related Expenses for Clinical Investigations in Military Medical Treatment Facilities 10/5/2021
4165.01, Volume 5 Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support - Facilities Management (DMLSS-FM) Volume 5: Preventive Maintenance (PM) Procedures Module 11/16/2021
4165.01, Volume 7 Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support-Facilities Management (DMLSS-FM) Volume 7: Work Request Module 12/9/2021
4165.01, Volume 3 Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support – Facilities Management (DMLSS-FM): Room Inventory Module 8/27/2020
4165.01, Volume 1 Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support-Facilities Management (DMLSS-FM) Volume 1: Facilities Inventory Module 7/10/2017
6430.02, Volume 6 Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) - Volume 6, Customer Applications 4/11/2022
6430.02, Volume 2 Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS)Volume 2: Systems Administration 4/7/2022
6430.02, Volume 3 Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) - Volume 3, Catalog Records 4/25/2022
6430.02, Volume 5 Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) – Volume 5, Inventory and Quality Control 5/10/2022
6430.02, Volume 4 Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support Volume 4: Inventory Management 5/20/2022
6430.02, Volume 8 Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) – Volume 8, “Assemblage Management” 5/26/2022
6430.02, Volume 10 Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) – Volume 10, DMLSS Reports 6/8/2022
6430.02, Volume 7 Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) - Volume 7, Equipment Management and Equipment Maintenance 6/8/2022

DHA-Interim Procedures Memoranda

DHA-Interim Procedures Memoranda are issued only for time-sensitive actions and only when time constraints prevent publishing a new DHA-AI, DHA-PI, DHA-TM, or DHA-PM. DHA-IPMs are effective for no more than 12 months from the date signed. 

File Description Date
20-004 Department of Defense (DoD) Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccination Program Implementation 6/16/2022
21-003 MHS GENESIS Training 3/10/2022
20-0003 DOD Procurement of Ruminant Products from Overseas Origin 3/25/2022

DHA-Administrative Instructions

DHA-Administrative Instructions implement policies and procedures governing DHA Headquarters and DHA Components (activities under the authority, direction, and control of DHA).

File Description Date
3200.02 Research Integrity and Misconduct Policy and Procedures 4/29/2022
6055.01 Safety Program 4/25/2022
001 Telework Program 12/2/2014
003 Physical Security Program 7/23/2018
012 Purchase and Distribution of Challenge Coins 1/7/2015
029 Disciplinary and Adverse Actions 5/24/2018
034 Drug-Free Workplace Program 1/1/2015
043 Continued Service Agreement (CSA) 1/19/2018
045 TRICARE Management Activity Document Management and Correspondence Business Rules 3/12/2012
050 Accounting of Disclosures of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) 11/3/2017
055 Probationary Period for Newly Appointed Managers and Supervisors 5/24/2018
059 Labor-Management Relations Program 7/23/2018
064 Civil Liberties Program 6/14/2017
071 Incident Response Team (iRT) and Breach Response Requirements 9/15/2015
074 Workforce Training Pursuant to the Requirements of the Privacy Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 12/2/2014
077 Security Categorization (SC) and Control Selection for Information Technology (IT) 5/28/2015
078 Antiterrorism (AT) Program 10/19/2018
083 Regulatory Reviews of Research Studies 4/1/2016
084 Incentives to Attract and Retain Civilian Employees 3/8/2017
086 E-mail Address Certificates on Common Access Cards (CACs) 1/6/2017
087 Radiation Safety Program (RSP) and Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) 8/1/2019
088 Office of Inspector General (OIG) 8/27/2019
089 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Utilization and Work Flow Standardization in the National Capital Region Medical Directorate 5/9/2017
090 Industry Partnership Network (IPN) Program 11/3/2017
092 Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS) 11/22/2017
094 General Equipment (GE) Property 6/19/2018
095 Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program Participation 5/24/2018
096 Crisis Action Team (CAT) 1/19/2018
097 Insider Threat Program 9/6/2018
099 Military Joint Personnel Accountability Reporting System (JPARS) 5/24/2018
101 Processing Procedures for Complaints Involving Discrimination in Military Health System (MHS) Health Programs and Activities 9/14/2018
102 Military Awards 8/2/2019
1020.01 Reasonable Accommodations 11/2/2020
1025.01 Military Medical Treatment Facilities Annual Regulatory/Triennial Training Requirements 5/24/2021
103 Quarterly/Annual Military Service Member Recognition Program 7/3/2019
104 Continuity Program 6/18/2019
105 Conference Attendance Review and Approval Procedures 3/29/2019
106 Organizational Inspection Program (OIP) 8/27/2019
107 Comprehensive Review of All Trauma-Related Death in the Deployed Setting 7/29/2019
108 Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety 8/9/2019
109 Decision-Making Architecture (DMA) 10/15/2019
3000.01 Analytics and Evaluation (A&E) 8/3/2020
3020.01, Change 1 Return to the Workplace Staffing Plan in the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Environment 6/12/2020
3020.01, Change 2 Return to the Workplace Staffing Plan in the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Environment 11/3/2020
3200.01 Research Subject Compensation 4/28/2022
4000.01 Property Accountability and Management of General Equipment (GE) 10/4/2021
4000.02 Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss 5/9/2022
4140.01 Medical Logistics Temperature Sensitive Medical Products Management 3/22/2022
4270.01 Authority to Administer Military Construction and Repair for DHA Facilities 4/15/2022
5000.01 Foreign Travel Program 4/7/2021
5010.01 Forms Management Program 1/12/2021
5015.01 Records Management 2/6/2020
5136.01 Defense Health Agency Terms of Reference 11/24/2021
5200.01 Temporary Access to Classified Material 2/5/2020
5200.02 Information Security Program 10/6/2020
5200.03 Operations Security (OPSEC) Program 7/1/2021
5200.04 Personnel Security Program 4/27/2022
5230.01 Foreign Visitors Program (FVP) 3/1/2022
6000.01 Medical Modeling and Simulation Requirements and Implementation Guidance for Training 3/11/2022
6025.01 Routing of Applications for Health Care Eligibility Under the Secretarial Designee (SECDES) Program and Related Special Authorities 9/14/2021
6025.04 Standardization of Depression and Suicide Risk Screening in Primary Care During and Subsequent to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic 1/25/2022
6050.01 Medical Assessment for Determination of Association between Medical Condition and Environmental, Safety and Health Issues in Housing Unit 10/9/2020
6430.06 Medical Logistics (MEDLOG) Customer Support Teams (CST) 8/31/2020
6430.07 Medical Logistics Inventory Management 12/8/2021
6430.08 Controlled Medical Items Management for Medical Logistics Areas 3/10/2022
6430.11 Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Biomedical Equipment Program 10/14/2021
7040.02 Construction in Progress 12/8/2021
7050.01 Coordination of Remedies for Fraud and Corruption Related to Procurement Activities 2/28/2022
7100.01 Capital Investment Decision Model 10/23/2021
8100.01 DHA Video Network Center Endpoint Standards 2/5/2021
8900.01 Guidance for Conducting Surveys and Other Information Collections (SOICs) 7/4/2020

DHA-Multi-Service Regulations

DHA-Multi-Service Regulations contain principles, terms, tactics, techniques, and procedures used by the forces of one or two Services to perform a common military function. It is approved by two or more Services and is promulgated as a Service regulation/publication. It may include differing perspectives on operational employment and is authoritative to the same extent as other Service publications but requires judgement in application. 

File Description Date
6025.01 DOD Hazardous Food and Nonprescription Drug Recall System 9/7/2018

Policy Memorandums

DHA Policy Memorandum implements policies and procedures governing DHA Headquarters and DHA Components.

Note: DHA Policy Memorandums are only issued when the development of a DHA Publication would delay the issuance of critical guidance.

File Description Date
DHA-Policy Memorandum 21-005 Interim Use of Force Guidance for Defense Health Agency Security Guard 12/8/2021
DHA-Policy Memorandum 21-004 Policy Memorandum on the Defense Health Agency Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination Attestation, Screening Testing, and Vaccination Verification 11/3/2021
DHA-Policy Memorandum 18-001 Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program (DPMAP) Instructions for Fiscal Year 2018 1/1/2018
DHA Policy Memorandum 20-006 Physical Security Controls at Department of Defense Military Medical Treatment Facilities 11/9/2020
DHA Policy Memorandum 20-009 Restoration of Annual Leave 12/30/2020
DHA Policy Memorandum 20-001 Interim Guidance for Return-to-Stock Prescriptions 2/14/2020
DHA Policy Memorandum 22-004 Defense Health Agency Workplace Guidance for Final Reentry of Civilian Personnel 5/4/2022
Last Updated: June 27, 2022

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