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Course Contacts

Course Point of Contact Contact Information 
Academic Support Branch Course Manager/Student Registration Ph: 210-221-0107/2175 DSN: 471
Email Academic Support
Administrative Support Branch Administrative/Operational Support Ph: 210-221-0436 DSN: 471
Email Administrative Support
Advanced Burn Life Support ABLS Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-7695  DSN: 471
Email the ABLS Course Admin Office
Advanced Trauma Life Support ATLS Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-9517/2930 DSN: 471
Email the ATLS Course Admin Office
Combat Casualty Care Course C4 Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-7602/7830 DSN: 471
Email the C4 Course Admin Office
Emergency Preparedness Response Course (CBRNE)
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & High-Yield Explosives Training
EPRC/CBRNE Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-2652/0552 DSN: 471
Email the EPRC/CBRNE Course Admin Office
Emergency War Surgery Course EWCS Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-0937 DSN: 471
Email the EWCS Course Admin Office
Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support PHTLS Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-9179; 295-0358 DSN: 471
Email the PHTLS Course Admin Office
Joint Medical Operations Course
Joint Medical Planning Tool (JMPT)

Joint Senior Medical Leaders Course (JSMLC)
Joint Operations Programs Office Ph: 210-221-9231 DSN:471 
Email the Joint Operations Programs Office
Public Health Emergency Management Course
PHEM Programs Office Ph: 210-221-0690/0552  DSN: 471
Email the PHEM Programs Office
Intermediate Incident Command System (ICS 300)
Advanced Incident Command System (ICS 400)
Federal Coordinating Center/Patient Reception Area Course
Hospital Incident Command System Course
Emergency Management Programs Office Ph: 210-221-8008/0128  DSN: 471
Email the Emergency Management Programs Office
Trauma Nurse Core Course TNCC Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-2468/2784 DSN: 471
Email the TNCC Course Admin Office
International Students International Military Student Office Ph: 210-221-8747/6020 DSN: 471
Email the International Student Office

DHA Address: 7700 Arlington Boulevard | Suite 5101 | Falls Church, VA | 22042-5101

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