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Alert Arrow ALERT!!

There are emergency procedures in place for parts of world due to weather.

Get the latest information on emergency prescription refills and PCM referral waivers. 

Course Contacts

Course Point of Contact Contact Information 
Academic Support Branch Course Manager/Student Registration Ph: 210-221-0107/2175 DSN: 471
Email Academic Support
Administrative Support Branch Administrative/Operational Support Ph: 210-221-0104 DSN: 471
Email Administrative Support
Advanced Burn Life Support ABLS Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-7695  DSN: 471
Email the ABLS Course Admin Office
Advanced Trauma Life Support ATLS Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-9517/2930 DSN: 471
Email the ATLS Course Admin Office
Combat Casualty Care Course C4 Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-7602/7830 DSN: 471
Email the C4 Course Admin Office
Emergency Preparedness Response Course (CBRNE)
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & High-Yield Explosives Training
EPRC/CBRNE Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-2652/0552 DSN: 471
Email the EPRC/CBRNE Course Admin Office
Emergency War Surgery Course EWCS Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-0937 DSN: 471
Email the EWCS Course Admin Office
Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support PHTLS Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-9179; 295-0358 DSN: 471
Email the PHTLS Course Admin Office
Joint Medical Operations Course
Joint Medical Planning Tool (JMPT)

Joint Senior Medical Leaders Course (JSMLC)
Joint Operations Programs Office Ph: 210-221-9570/2652 DSN: 471
Email the Joint Operations Programs Office
Public Health Emergency Management Course
Intermediate Incident Command System (ICS 300)
Advanced Incident Command System (ICS 400)
Federal Coordinating Center/Patient Reception Area Course
Hospital Incident Command System Course
Disaster Medicine Programs Office Ph: 210-221-9608/2652 DSN: 471
Email the Disaster Medicine Programs Office
Trauma Nurse Core Course TNCC Course Admin Office Ph: 210-221-2468/2784 DSN: 471
Email the TNCC Course Admin Office
International Students International Military Student Office Ph: 210-221-8747/6020 DSN: 471
Email the International Student Office

DHA Address: 7700 Arlington Boulevard | Suite 5101 | Falls Church, VA | 22042-5101

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