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Architecture, Advanced Concepts, and Engineering (AACE)

Click here to view the Long Range Technical Architecture Strategic Plan 

AACE is responsible for centrally-managing the Defense Health Agency’s health IT architecture, advanced concepts, and engineering efforts. We are looking to leverage passion from IT innovators in the field, like you, and expand that knowledge to identify health IT solutions that can help improve the electronic capture and exchange of health care data captured in DoD facilities, worldwide. Finding innovative health IT approaches to protect, support, and advance the health and welfare of our beneficiaries is key.

What primary functions does the AACE perform?

Leaning Forward with Innovative Health Technologies: 

The HIT Innovation process includes piloting truly ground-breaking changes that disrupt current behavior, render existing approaches and delivery mechanisms obsolete, and transform the value proposition. Despite a high risk for failure, these types of research pilots have the potential to reap large returns on investment. Specifically, the DHA needs your help in identifying areas that support our four key bucket areas. Learn more about HIT R&D efforts.

Driving Health IT Research Based on Current Needs:

By addressing known gaps, the agency can map to and support capability guidance approved by the Joint Requirements Oversight Council. This direction has also been adopted as the set of clinical, business, and force health capabilities to guide the acquisition of the DHA’s future electronic health record solution. Learn more about the DHA's HIT R&D efforts.

Transitioning to a Net-Centric, Service-Oriented Enterprise:

Today the MHS is transitioning to a services-based approach that will allow the organization to expose data as a service and feed that data into an existing system, instead of creating a new system to record and track that specific set of information. Learn more about the DHA's transition to SOA.

*Today the Division Chief of the ACCE also serves as the MHS Chief Technology Officer, responsible for developing technical policy and setting the technical direction of the DHA IT community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a basic question about AACE? View the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below or contact us. These FAQs serve as a guide to answer basic questions about our mission, activities and resources.


What does AACE stand for?


Architecture, Advanced Concepts and Engineering (The AACE Division replaces the former Innovation and Advanced Technology Development Division)


How is the DHA/AACE working to increase transparency of HIT research initiatives across the enterprise?


The AACE Division is committed to ensuring a consistent and centrally managed approach of HIT research initiatives. AACE has developed a process to identify, research, develop, test and evaluate innovative solutions that benefit the MHS enterprise. This streamlined evaluation process will increase transparency into HIT research initiatives and reduce parallel efforts underway. Be sure to view the latest snapshot of HIT R&D projects by checking out our HIT R&D Directory.


How can I have my ideas heard by the DHA/ACCE?


To have your ideas heard by us, visit our Health IT Research and Innovation page to explore your options or email us.

DHA Address: 7700 Arlington Boulevard | Suite 5101 | Falls Church, VA | 22042-5101

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