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Architecture, Advanced Concepts, and Engineering (AACE)

Leading Architecture, Advanced Concepts and Engineering across the MHS

The mission of Architecture, Advanced Concepts & Engineering (AACE) Division is to forecast, identify, evaluate, manage, deploy, and transition DHA’s most challenging technical projects using a standardized approach, which fosters a positive stakeholder experience, accelerates medical technologies, and provides technical guidance in the military health & health IT communities.

To accomplish this, we focus on the following functions:

  • Technology Strategy: forecasting, evaluating, scoping, and testing new IT-enabled health technologies to determine their ability to address needs of the enterprise, provide tangible Health IT benefits to our military community, and improve MHS.
  • Enterprise Architecture: aligning MHS Enterprise Architecture descriptions, which provide guidance for reaching the desired future-state of healthcare. These descriptions define the people, processes, technologies, and standards required in the enterprise environment, and are developed and maintained at the interagency, DoD, capability, and solution levels.
  • Program Operations: helping execute the IT service lifecycle from technical requirements gathering and development through design, testing, evaluation, deployment and transition of solutions.
  • Engineering & Design: engineering, designing, and supporting the deployment of all MHS operational platform IT services and underpinning technologies required by users and administrators.
  • Deployment & Transition: executing the transition and deployment efforts of health IT programs, ensuring they are managed effectively.

Streamlining Health IT Infrastructure Services

The AACE Division plays a key role in deploying the DHA’s Desktop to Datacenter (D2D) Program to military treatment facilities, worldwide. The D2D Program focuses on improving DHA’s IT efficiencies and capabilities in order to streamline Health IT infrastructure service lines across the MHS enterprise. It is a response to the infrastructure/network requirements necessary for the deployment of MHS GENESIS, the new electronic health record (EHR).

Key enterprise capabilities include a common IT infrastructure, local/wireless area network, directory services, a standard desktop configuration, cybersecurity services, as well as a global IT help desk.

Learn more about the D2D Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a basic question about AACE? View the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below or contact us. These FAQs serve as a guide to answer basic questions about our mission, activities and resources.


What does AACE stand for?


Architecture, Advanced Concepts and Engineering (The AACE Division replaces the former Innovation and Advanced Technology Development Division)


How is the DHA/AACE working to increase transparency of HIT research initiatives across the enterprise?


The AACE Division is committed to ensuring a consistent and centrally managed approach of HIT research initiatives. AACE has developed a process to identify, research, develop, test and evaluate innovative solutions that benefit the MHS enterprise. This streamlined evaluation process will increase transparency into HIT research initiatives and reduce parallel efforts underway. Be sure to view the latest snapshot of HIT R&D projects by checking out our HIT R&D Directory.


How can I have my ideas heard by the DHA/ACCE?


To have your ideas heard by us, visit our Health IT Research and Innovation page to explore your options or email us.

DHA Address: 7700 Arlington Boulevard | Suite 5101 | Falls Church, VA | 22042-5101

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