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Clinical Information Management

MHS Information Management Logo

What does Information Management (IM) do?

We are a division of the Defense Health Agency (DHA) that:

  • Ensures the Military Health System (MHS) has the Information Technology (IT) for adequate medical services to the warfighters and their families
  • Identifies and documents IT needs
  • Coordinates between all military services for joint IT solutions that satisfy the needs of all Services

Do you have a suggestion regarding MHS IT requirements? Visit Requirements Development for more information.

What is IM’s Mission?

Our mission is to:

  • Support the MHS vision to be a more integrated system across military services
  • Promote preventive and responsive health care
  • Support warfighter needs
  • Be responsible for health outcomes and cost 

How does IM Accomplish this Mission?

We accomplish this mission by:

  • Identifying and verifying new IT needs across the MHS and military services
  • Documenting detailed requirements and needs for the new IT
  • Producing evidence-based solutions for the IT needs

Successful Health IT gives people the right information at the right time.  Then they can make better decisions and improve their health.

How is IM Organized?

We have four main functional areas that work toward better outcomes in IT Systems.

  • Clinical IM: Improving experience of care and population health management
  • Theater IM: Improving readiness of the military force
  • Business IM: Toward an improved per capita cost
  • Central IM: Providing support services and unique cross-cutting functions to IM divisions:
    • Contract support
    • Administrative
    • Business architecture
    • Data management, interfaces, processes, tools, training

What are IM’s key responsibilities?

We operate as leadership’s facilitator for:

  • Requirements and strategy linkage for IT
  • Functional customers and leadership for IT priorities
  • IT resource prioritization
  • Business architecture to identify duplicate IT capabilities and business processes
  • Accountable IT metrics (cost, schedule, performance, and business outcomes)

Who does IM work with?

We connect the warfighter, clinical and business mission owners, the community of policy and decision-makers and the Health IT directorate.

We work closely with business owners and business process owners.  Together we develop and validate joint IT requirements and standard business processes. The graphic below show each group’s responsibilities.

What type of support does IM provide?

We facilitate and support the development of:

  • Business cases
  • Business models
  • Joint capability and requirements
  • Standard business processes
  • Standard data
  • Standard measures of performance
  • Analysis of alternatives
  • Policy

We also support:

  • Functional input throughout acquisition lifecycle
  • Capability adoption
  • Requirements oversight
  • Functional prioritization, consolidation, and rationalization of portfolio
  • Joint governance process

More Information

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