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Infrastructure and Operations

Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) provides and sustains standard based computing and communications infrastructure (C&CI) information technology (IT) capabilities that support the full range of health care delivery to more than 9 million eligible beneficiaries. Key I&O services and products are delivered to over 600+ military treatment facilities (MTFs), including:  

  • Deployment and support of end user devices
  • Sustainment of the wide area network backbone providing connectivity across the MHS organization
  • Installation and maintaining of network protection suites providing key security protections
  • Establish and maintain connectivity to the MHS commercial business partners via the Business-to-Business and Veterans Administration Gateway programs providing real-time healthcare data exchange 

Our Mission 

Optimize the delivery of health care by designing, securing, and maintaining the IT environment for the Military Health System (MHS).

Our Vision 

A premier health care environment where health information is readily available to support the delivery of care to our warrior family.

Key Products and Services

Network Security Monitoring Services (NSMS)

Capabilities include a Single Security Architecture and centralized Authorizing Official (AO), standardized monitoring/ management, and improved provider mobility.

Gateway Services

Medical Circuit Management

Directory Services (DS)/Enterprise Management (EM)

  • DS (aka medical Joint Active Directory [mJAD]) provides a single database to house enterprise users and computer objects. The mJAD's core capability is providing Identity and Access Management (IdAM), which supports role based access for secure control of "ownership and rights" to networked computing resources. 
  • EM is a foundation capability that provides for the centralized deployment of Operating Systems & applications as well as the monitoring, patching, compliance & configuration control of IT assets and computing resources that are joined to the mJAD. The System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) tool provides this capability. 

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Provides desktop design standardization service across the application, desktop and server environments. Includes standardized desktop configuration and application virtualization capabilities across physical and virtual desktops.

Compute and Storage Management Service (CSMS)

Provides centrally managed, integrated, and robust computing infrastructure. The geographically-distributed infrastructure is designed to deliver low-latency services close to the point-of-care or point-of-need.

Enterprise Software

Global Service Center (GSC)

Provides a single point of contact to meet the communication and incident management needs of MHS users. This service leverages a tiered approach in the management of incidents. Consolidates MHS enterprise IT service desks.

Infrastructure and Application Performance Management

Provides integrate capacity planning and performance monitoring seamlessly through use of integrated tools and processes to monitor the end-to-end performance of all technology solutions. Capabilities include one set of tools and processes to monitor all technology solutions for all customers.

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