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Solution Delivery Division

Delivering Solutions, Advancing Health Care


Enhancing Health Service Delivery through exceptional Information and Technology


Dominate the provision of innovative Information and Technology solutions for optimal Health Service Delivery

Key Functions

The SDD provides and sustains information technology capabilities that support the delivery of health care to our service members from battlefield to the homefront. Key SDD solutions:

  • Support more than 9M eligible product users
  • Document clinical encounters and data
  • Process 25K requisitions and over $13M of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals daily
  • Empower patients with access to online military hospital and clinic health care services and information
  • Provide near real time global medical surveillance
  • Manage clinical provider credentials and privileging
  • Track billions of dollars annually in health care services
  • Support patient safety, nutrition services, blood programs, Service Treatment Records, care coordination, occupational health, and more!

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Our Products

Care and Benefits

File Date
Coagulation Clinic (CoagClinic) 3/26/2018
Defense Medical Accessions Computing System (DMACS) 10/20/2020
Health Artifact and Image Management Solution (HAIMS) 10/26/2020
Interagency Comprehensive Plan for Care Coordination Support Fact Sheet 10/26/2020
Paper Record Tracking (PRT) 7/15/2019
STR Processing Operations Reporting Tracking Solution (SPORTS) 9/28/2020

Electronic Health Record Core

Electronic Health Record Modernization

File Date
Business Analytics Tool (BAT) 9/23/2020
Decommissioning Zone 5/5/2021
Health Information Exchange (HIE) 5/1/2019
Office of Transition Management Fact Sheet 9/23/2020
Private Sector Care Dashboard 4/30/2019

Program Support

File Date
Application Lifecycle Manager 9/27/2019
Business Intelligence Common Services (BCS) 9/27/2019
Capacity Services 9/27/2019
Identity Authentication Services (iAS) 9/27/2019
Ektropy 12/9/2019
Ektropy Personnel Module 4/6/2020
Ektropy Positions Management Module 4/6/2020
Ektropy Spend Plan Module 4/6/2020

Medical Logistics Information Technology

File Date
Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) 10/29/2020
DMLES LogiCole 10/29/2020
DMLSS Customer Assistance Module (DCAM) 10/29/2020
Joint Medical Asset Repository (JMAR) 10/29/2020
Theater Enterprise-Wide Logistics Systems (TEWLS) 10/29/2020

Web and Mobile Technology

File Date
BioZen App 10/26/2020
Breathe2Relax App 10/26/2020
DoD Suicide Event Report (DoD SER) 3/18/2019
Dream EZ App 10/26/2020
Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital App 10/26/2020 Website Fact Sheet 10/26/2020
LaunchPad 10/26/2020
Life Armor App 10/26/2020
METC App 10/26/2020
MHS App Portfolio 3/31/2021
MHS HR Newswire App 10/26/2020
Military Kids Connect 10/26/2020
Mission Fit App 10/26/2020
Positive Activity Jackpot App 10/26/2020
T2 Mood Tracker App 10/26/2020
Tactical Breather App 10/26/2020
TRICARE Website Fact Sheet 10/26/2020
U.S. Navy Medicine MTF App 10/26/2020
Virtual Hope Box App 10/26/2020

DHA Address: 7700 Arlington Boulevard | Suite 5101 | Falls Church, VA | 22042-5101

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