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2013 Meetings

In the event the class of drugs specified herein has previously been reviewed, the government solicits quotes for new Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)/Voluntary Agreement for Retail Refunds (VARRs) to replace any existing BPAs/VARRs . The government will not consider existing BPA/VARR prices in the Uniform Formulary (UF) evaluation. Any existing BPA/VARR for this class of drugs will be terminated upon the conclusion of the UF decision.

Meeting Date Review Type Drug Classes/New Drugs Under Review/Information for Manufacturers  Meeting Window for Manufacturers to give Clinical/Cost Presentations 

February 2013

Class Review Topical Pain Agents January 2013
Class Review Pulmonary-2 Agents: COPD
Class Review  Anticoagulants
Designated Newly Approved Drugs  Intermezzo

May 2013

Class Review Gout March-April 2013
Class Review Pulmonary-2 Agent: COPD
Class Review  Tobacco Cessation Agents 
Class Review  Pulmonary-2 Agents 
Clinical Presentations Corticosteroids-Immune Modulators
Clinical Presentations Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Systems
Clinical Presentations Lancets

August 2013

Class Review  Corticosteroids-Immune Modulators June-July 2013
Class Review  Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Systems
Class Review Rednin-Angiotensin Anithypertensives
Clinical Presentations Pulmonary-1 Agents

November 2013

Class Revew Pulmonary-1 Agents September-October 2013
Class Review  Antilipidemics-1
Class Review  Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Agents
Designated Newly Approved Drugs  Binosto, Kazano, Nesina, Oseni

Subject to Change Disclaimer

The Defense Health Agency (DHA) reserves the right to change the classes, sub-classes and/or designated new drugs, and other requirements, of whatever kind, affecting solicitations. The provisions of this table do not constitute a contract, express or implied, between the DHA and manufacturer or eligible bidder.

If the DoD P&T Committee is unable to complete an evaluation of any of the drug classes, the Committee will continue its efforts at the next meeting.

DHA Address: 7700 Arlington Boulevard | Suite 5101 | Falls Church, VA | 22042-5101

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