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Business Objects

One of the primary functions of the Pharmacy Analytics Support Section (PASS) Data Management Team (DMT) is to support Department of Defense (DoD) personnel throughout the Military Health System (MHS) by providing timely and accurate reports on the data maintained in the central repository within the Pharmacy Data Transaction Service (PDTS). The DMT uses the Business Objects software application to pull information from the PDTS Data Warehouse and presents the information to individuals in EXCEL or ACCESS format, depending on which format best supports the presentation of the data and the capabilities of the requester.

In addition to running a variety of ad hoc type reports that are unique to an individual request the DMT has also developed several standard reports that have been designed to provide detailed data on a specific Point of Service, Branch of Service, Catchment Area, MTF, Provider or Patient as needed. There are also overview type reports that can be used to monitor antibiotic utilization or drug use by therapeutic class, either AHFS or GC3. Below is a list of the Standard Reports available to the DoD Pharmacy Community.

PDTS Standard Report Templates

Below are PDTS Report Templates that may be requested. For questions about report templates or to leave a suggestion, contact the DHA POSC Data Management team via email at the link below or call (866) 275-4732.

Email the PASS Team

101-New Prescriptions for Oral Antibiotics by AHFS Report Template

102 - Catchment Area Drug Use Report with Uniform Formulary Status

103 - MTF CA Corporate Report by DMIS ID Template

104 - Drugs Dispensed by MTF Report Template

105 - Drugs Dispensed by PoS Report Template

106 - Drug Use by GC3 Code and DMIS ID Template

107 - DUR Edits and Level 1 DDI by MTF Report Template

108 - Level 1 DDI Transaction Details by MTF Report Template

109 - MTF Drug Usage by NDC Report Template

110 - Patient Profile by DEERS ID Template

111 - Patient Profile by SSN Template

112 - Provider Profile Report by NPI Template

113 - Provider Profile Report by DEA Template

114 - AHFS Classes by PoS Template

115 - GC3 Classes by PoS Template

116 - Header Info Template

Report Request Forms

Business Object Reference

  • Webi Business Objects 4.2 user guide is currently in development.

For any questions, please contact the PASS at 1-210-536-6650 and ask for someone on the Data Management team.

DHA Address: 7700 Arlington Boulevard | Suite 5101 | Falls Church, VA | 22042-5101

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