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Pharmacy Outcomes Research Team

The Pharmacy Outcomes Research Team (PORT) was established in January 2008 to perform and disseminate findings from research regarding drug therapy outcomes in the Military Health System (MHS). The PORT serves multiple functions:

  • Provides cost-effectiveness and budget impact analyses to support the Uniform Formulary decision-making process at the quarterly meetings of the DoD Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee
  • Assesses the effect of Uniform Formulary decisions on DoD beneficiaries
  • Assists with utilization management analysis and projections
  • Collaborates with other government and academic entities to perform and facilitate research into drug-related outcomes within DoD.

The PORT is organized under the DoD Pharmacy Operations Division (POD). The research team is co-located at the Defense Health Agency (DHA) headquarters in Falls Church, VA, and the POD at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. Studies are conducted in collaboration with other research entities, such as the DoD Patient Safety Center, the DoD Health Program Analysis and Evaluation Division, the DoD Pharmacovigilance Center, the MHS Scientific Advisory Panel, and the United States Air Force Clinical Informatics Branch.


To improve patient outcomes and enhance the quality of the MHS pharmacy benefit through research and education.

MHS Formulary Management CyclePORT Formulary Management Cycle

  • The POD conducts clinical and cost effectiveness evaluations to support the DoD P&T, which maintains the MHS formularies.
  • The Pharmacy Operations Center (POC) implements formulary changes and supports day-to-day operations.
  • The PORT conducts research to support decision making and evaluate the outcomes of drug therapy.

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