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Immunization Healthcare Branch

In October 2014, the Military Vaccine Agency-Vaccine Healthcare Centers Network (MILVAX-VHCN) transitioned into the Defense Health Agency (DHA) as the Immunization Healthcare Branch (IHB), a vital part of the DHA's Public Health Division. The DHA IHB will continue all the functions carried out by MILVAX-VHCN for uniformed personnel, and will expand the support and services we provide on behalf of military dependents and retirees worldwide. The DHA IHB continues to support all DoD immunization programs, and to provide clinical consultative services, educational support, and training resources for the entire DoD family.


A premier, responsive, patient centered organization promoting excellence in immunization healthcare practice and policy for service members and beneficiaries.


Support Force Health Protection and Readiness, and the Military Health System (MHS) by developing and promoting programs and services that enhance immunization effectiveness, safety, and acceptability. Provide evidence based solutions that improve immunization healthcare through policy implementation guidance, strategic communication, education, training, and clinical services worldwide.

Our Objectives

  • Synchronize, integrate, and coordinate US military immunization policies and guidance.
  • Promote excellence in standards of practice and advocate for evidence-based practice improvements in immunization healthcare.
  • Provide evidence-based clinical and consultation services supporting quality immunization healthcare.
  • Develop and implement immunization communication strategies for the DoD and Coast Guard.
  • Deliver quality immunization healthcare information, training, and educational resources.
  • Support force health protection and readiness through compliance with FDA requirements for vaccine licensure.
  • Contribute to the body of knowledge in immunization healthcare through public health investigations, surveillance, and clinical studies.

Immunization University

A major component of the IHB education and training vision is “Immunization University”, an informal collection of guidelines and training resources to help staff make every immunization an excellent one. Designed to enhance the skills of healthcare workers from a variety of backgrounds, Immunization University (ImzU) offers training on vaccine products and immunization services through on-line distance learning and on-site classes sponsored by IHB. CE Credits are available for on-site training events. Certificates of completion and consolidated student transcripts are available via the ImzU LMS, and may be accessed online.

DHA Address: 7700 Arlington Boulevard | Suite 5101 | Falls Church, VA | 22042-5101

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