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Research and Engineering

R&EThe DHA Research and Engineering (R&E) Directorate guides research investments in military health and medicine from discovery to the solutions that will enhance future warfighter health and readiness.

R&E manages the enterprise research portfolio to improve medical care for service members, their families, and all Military Health System beneficiaries. R&E drives the discovery of new capabilities to improve medical care through management of the Defense Health Program (DHP) Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) appropriations that support the health and medical mission of the MHS. R&E shepherds innovative medical materiel products and clinical practice knowledge solutions from concept to product development. The directorate also oversees several MHS centers of excellence, established to help the Department of Defense speed the advancement of scientific knowledge and evidence-based practices to diagnose and treat diseases and conditions that impact service members and other beneficiaries.

R&E Mission and Vision

Mission Vision
Lead the discovery of innovative medical solutions responsive to the needs of Combatant Commands, the military Services, and the Military Health System. Bridge the future of military health and readiness.

R&E achieves its mission by:

  • Strategically managing the enterprise research portfolio to meet prioritized needs
  • Producing new knowledge through health studies and analyses
  • Synthesizing evidence from existing knowledge
  • Applying findings to promote the adoption and integration of evidence-based solutions to improve health outcomes

R&E Impact

R&E gathers, consolidates, and prioritizes needs and gaps in research areas and clinical practice; partners with academic institutions, private industry, research organizations, and government to undertake research and clinical investigations; and translates research results into practical/clinical knowledge for products and policy recommendations to improve care.

Gather Needs and Gaps, Prioritize Research, Perform Research, Translate Research, Improve Care, Enhance Health/Readiness 

R&E Divisions and Branches

R&E is comprised of two divisions, the Research Portfolio Management Division (RPMD) and the Research Support Division (RSD).

Loose papers icon Research Portfolio Management Division

RPMD improves health outcomes and supports a ready medical force by advancing excellence in military medical health research, advocating for prevention and awareness, and providing health care policy recommendations. The division manages and develops research investment strategies for DHP RDT&E funding that supports Science and Technology projects and facilitates research translation, surveillance, education, prevention, and clinical care initiatives. RPMD branches include:

icon showing a folder  Science and Technology Portfolio Management Branch

icon showing an ear 'Hearing Center of Excellence

Icon showing brain inside head. Psychological Health Center of Excellence

Icon of a brain Traumatic Brain Injury Center of Excellence

Eye icon Vision Center of Excellence

Icon showing data analysis Research Support Division

RSD supports and enables enterprise-wide scientific studies, research activities, and analyses to advance MHS research and engineering priorities. The division performs research support functions in joint clinical investigations, military health system research, research protections, implementation science, and preservation of medical and biomedical historical assets. RSD branches include:

Icon showing research analysis Research Protections Branch

Checklist icon Clinical Investigations Program Branch

First aid symbol Military Health System Research Branch

Gears icon Implementation Science Branch

Microscope icon National Museum of Health and Medicine

Last Updated: July 25, 2022

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