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Military Health System

Military Health System Research Branch

RSD branches: CIP, MHSR, RP, NMHM, IS. MHSR is highlighted.

Health care systems are complex, high risk environments. Medical knowledge is expanding exponentially and producing large amounts of data about health care delivery. Health systems research enhances our understanding of system-level improvements and innovations and seeks to identify factors influencing care delivery. R&E Military Health System Research (MHSR) supports health systems research about the Military Health System (MHS), one of America's largest and most complex health care systems, which serves approximately 9.6 million beneficiaries, including 1.4 million active duty and 331,000 reserve-component personnel, military retirees, and family members. MHSR uses data to tease out patient-, system-, regional- and facility-level variables that can influence outcomes and improve beneficiary health. These efforts lead to military health care that is more safe, effective, accessible and patient-centered.

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Cycle between Research, Practice, Data, and Evidence. Systematically gather and create evidence. Apply the most promising evidence to improve care.

MHSR is key to ensuring the evolution of the Military Health System into a high-reliability organization skilled at acquiring and transferring knowledge and using new knowledge and insights to modify behaviors. As a strategic project in the DHA FY22-26 Campaign Plan, MHSR is a vital tool for generating critical evidence and actionable insights about health economics/costs, quality, variation, outcomes, health system reform, and health readiness.

Annual MHSR Grant Program

The MHSR program supports research projects with potential to innovate and improve military health care through annual grant awards. Funding for MHSR grants is made available through the Defense Health Program. For each funding round, MHSR publishes a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) on seeking rigorous intramural and extramural health systems research based on MHSR and clinical research priorities. The process for soliciting and reviewing proposals and awarding grants is updated each year.

MHSR Grant Process

Grant process: Release of NOFO (posted to, Deadline for receipt of LOI*, Begin releasing notifications and invitations to submit full proposals, Deadline for receipt of full proposals, Completion of scientific and programmatic reviews, Begin notifications of grant award winners.

*LOI: Letter of Intent

Fiscal Year 2023 Notice of Funding Opportunity

The Fiscal Year 2023 NOFO for MHSR grants was released on April 4, 2022. Potential applicants can review a fact sheet to learn more and see important deadlines for the submission of an LOI. Interested parties can find requirement details (on submitting a required LOI and subsequent full proposal by invitation) once the NOFO is released on

Last Updated: April 21, 2022
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