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The TRO-East manages the East Region contractor, Humana Military, and oversees the integrated health care delivery system in the East Region.

Beneficiaries should contact Humana Military first for customer service, especially for issues related to: 

  • Enrollment 
  • Changing your primary care manager 
  • Finding a doctor 
  • Referrals or authorization
  • Paying fees 
  • Filing claims 

Please contact the TRO directly if you have questions about: 

  • TRICARE PrimeA managed care option available in Prime Service Areas in the United States; you have an assigned primary care manager who provides most of your care.TRICARE Prime Travel Benefit 
  • Determination of eligibility for TRICARE Prime RemoteA managed care option for active duty service members and their families who live in designated remote locations in the U.S. (usually more than 50 miles or one hour's drive time from a military hospital or clinic).TRICARE Prime Remote 
  • Unresolved issues with your regional contractor

Forms & Downloads

File  Description 
Guard/Reserve Briefing Request Form  Guard/Reserve units can submit this form to request a briefing from their regional contractor each year.
Supplemental Health Care Program Worksheet Use this worksheet when referring a service member under the Supplemental Health Care Program.
TRICARE Prime Remote Determination of Enrollment Eligibility Submit this form if you believe that one or more of the exceptions to the eligibility criteria for TRICARE Prime Remote enrollment are met. Only service members or unit commanders can submit this form.

DHA Address: 7700 Arlington Boulevard | Suite 5101 | Falls Church, VA | 22042-5101

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