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Foreign Medical Liaison Officers

The Foreign Medical Liaison Officers represent their Parent nations’ military health systems and seek to enhance the cooperation and interoperability with the U.S. Military Health System. Their involvement includes liaison with the U.S. Military Health System leadership and DoD medical units, representation at U.S. MHS conferences, events and committees, that are of potential importance to their Parent nation military health services. They constitute major networking functions and an opportunity to link key Parent nation personnel with allies as well as keeping their Chain of Command informed of professional medical issues.

Canadian LNO

LCol Andrew B Currie, CD MD MSc DipSportMed
Canadian Foreign Medical Liaison Officer,
Health Services Attaché Canadian Defence Liaison Staff (Washington)
Canadian Armed Forces

Visit the Canadian Forces Health Services

United Kingdom LNO

Gp Capt, Martin J. Ruth
British Healthcare Liaison Officer

Visit the United Kingdom Defence Medical Services

Visit the British National Health Services

Germany LNO

German Health Foreign Liaison Officer
COL, Schlolaut, Kai
M.D., Dr. med., MBA

Visit the German Forces Health Services

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