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Research and Surveillance Division

The EACE Research and Surveillance Division supports the mission of the EACE by identifying relevant research gap areas, directing and executing a patient-centric intramural research program within the Advanced Rehabilitation Centers (ARCs), and providing coordination and oversight for extramural research initiatives approved to conduct within the Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs). The EACE also works closely with Veteran's Affairs (VA), Medical Research and Materiel Command (MRMC), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and other Centers of Excellence (CoEs) to assure research outcomes from intramural and extramural efforts are translated to clinical practice through the dissemination of salient findings to key stakeholders.

Our Mission

To advance medical and scientific knowledge through relevant research that will optimize clinical care and quality of life for Service members and Veterans with traumatic extremity injuries and amputations.

Our Vision

Developing and sharing scientific knowledge, while cultivating strategic partnerships, to optimize research capabilities and enhance the quality of life for Service members and Veterans with extremity trauma and amputation.

Our Goals

Provide written report outlining current research gap areas that reflect needs of clinicians and patients at all amputee care sites; update annually.

Provide input for development of research gap areas to Scientific Steering Committee Chair for Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation (Joint Program Committee-8/Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine Research Program [CRM/JPC-8]) for inclusion in relevant funding announcements (Congressionally-Directed Medical Research Programs [CDMRP], Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center [TATRC], CRM); update annually.

Develop EACE “key research initiatives” based on current clinical questions; modify annually.

Generate epidemiological patient data in collaboration with the other CoEs to support key research initiatives 

We will direct and execute a multi-site, clinically-relevant DoD intramural research program and disseminate findings through clinical/scientific conferences. 

- Annual Goal: 3 new research protocols initiated

- Annual Goal: 1 new research protocols funded through external sources

- Annual Goal: 1 DoD/VA collaborative research protocol

- Annual Goal: 6 peer-reviewed publications

- Annual Goal: 12 professional presentations at national/int’l conferences

- Provide quarterly briefs to Director that meet Health Executive Committee (HEC)/Joint Executive Committee (JEC) reporting requirements.

We will provide coordination, visibility, and oversight for contract research efforts ongoing at the ARCs in support of extremity trauma and amputation research.

We will be the principal liaison to collaboratively leverage efforts with VA, DARPA, MRMC (CRM/JPC-8, CDMRP, Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine [AFIRM], TATRC), and international defense forces.

- Provide annual EACE research program updates to VA and DoD to minimize redundancy of effort

- Provide consultation and advisory services related to DoD research priorities

- Summarize research findings that can contribute to enhanced patient care (annual)

In collaboration with Clinical Directorate, we will translate relevant intramural and extramural research findings to clinical practice.

- Recommend modifications to existing Clinical Practice Guidelines

- Provide science-based input into development of new Clinical Practice Guidelines

- Provide clinical relevance bullet for research publications; ensure distribution of this information to key stakeholders

DHA Address: 7700 Arlington Boulevard | Suite 5101 | Falls Church, VA | 22042-5101

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