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Military Health Topics

Here you can find information about Military Health Topics organized by subject. You can also find reference materials that apply to the subject on each topic page.

Access, Cost, Quality, and Safety

Learn about topics like the TRICARE health plan, how the Military Health System ensures patient safety, the steps taken by the clinical information management specialists to ensure data in MHS systems is correct, and proposals for changes to TRICARE in the Fiscal Year 2015 Department of Defense budget request.

Acquisition, Procurement and Small Business

If you are a vendor interested in doing business with the Defense Health Agency, you can find information about the Component Acquisition Executive office, the Office of Small Business Programs, and the Office of Procurement in this topic. Highlights include contact information, upcoming events for vendors, and a forecasts of business opportunities.

Business Support

In Business Support, we leverage Military Health System expertise to consolidate and standardize business operations, streamline decision-making, and reduce administrative costs, resulting in a more effective, audit-ready enterprise.

Centers of Excellence

Military Health System Centers of Excellence were established to to speed the advancement of our scientific knowledge and evidence-based practices.

Combat Support
Conditions and Treatments

To ensure we provide the most up-to-date information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Military Health System created this all-inclusive information center, which is updated regularly. The Department of Defense is following guidance from the White House and coordinating with our interagency partners to provide a comprehensive, government-approved list of resources.

Health Readiness

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for Health Readiness Policy and Oversight is the principal staff assistant and advisor to the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) for all medically related Department of Defense policies, programs, and activities. The office is responsible for deployment medicine, force health protection, medical readiness, international health agreements, deployment related health policy, theater information systems, humanitarian and health missions, and national disaster support.

MHS Toolkits and Branding Guidance
Military Health System Transformation

We’re transforming the Military Health System to improve the readiness of our forces and the health care we provide to our warfighters, retirees and their families. Reform efforts focus on organizational, infrastructure and manpower changes.

Military Medical History

Military medicine has a long and celebrated history. We apply lessons from our past to improve the care of military personnel and their families today and in the future. New surgical techniques, powerful painkillers, antibiotic drugs, and triage and evacuation procedures have revolutionized military medicine.

Privacy and Civil Liberties

The MHS takes protection of patient information very seriously. Here you can find: information about how MHS handles breaches of information, tools to use the Freedom of Information Act, training available related to the Privacy Act and the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, information on the MHS Privacy Board, information about contract language, Privacy Impact Assessments for MHS IT systems, and information about how MHS protects privacy in research.

Research and Innovation

Defense Department’s overall investment for medical research and development (R&D) with Research, Development, Testing, and Development (RDT&E) dollars.

Total Force Fitness

Welcome to Total Force Fitness, a program that focuses on your entire health throughout your military career. Readiness is measured in more than just physical fitness and medical status. Through Total Force Fitness, we’re going to talk about other areas in your life – like social, spiritual, environmental, and financial – to make sure you and your community are ready for you to do your job. Because we’re changing the way we talk about health, we created this portal to give you the latest news in Total Force Fitness and information on how its dimensions affect total health.

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