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Separation Health Assessment

The Separation Health Assessment is a medical evaluation used by the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

  • In the DoD, we call it “Separation History and Physical Examination (SHPE)”
  • In the VA, they call it the “Disability Exam”

Are you a Service member who is separating, retiring, or deactivating?

The Separation Health Assessment documents and assesses your:

  • Medical history
  • Medical concerns identified during your military career
  • Current health status

How It Works

  • Schedule your exam at a military hospital or clinic or VA facility well in advance of your scheduled separation date.
    • If you’re filing a VA claim, schedule it no later than 90 days before your separation date.
    • If you’re taking extended terminal leave, it’s best that you schedule at an military hospital or clinic.
    • If overseas or finishing a deployment, follow your Services’ guidance for scheduling the exam.
  • Before the exam, complete the DD Form 2807-1, “Report of Medical History”.
  • At your exam, the examiner reviews your answers and ensures claimed contentions are addressed in the exam report. This becomes part of your record.
  • The examiner reviews your current health status and your complete medical history, including the DD Form 2807-1.  This is to see if you need further treatment or evaluations for any medical concerns.
  • The assessment results are then accessible by both the DoD and VA.  You can also access them by using the Blue Button. You won’t need another exam if you decide to file a VA claim.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why are all Service members required to get the SHPE before leaving active duty?


The DoD requires a separation history and physical examination to capture the complete medical history of Service Members and evaluate members filing a disability claim.

Results are accessible by both the DoD and VA so even if you’re not filing a VA claim now, the results are available if you decide to file a disability claim later.


How do I schedule the exam?


You can schedule the exam at any military hospital or clinic or VA facility. Find one near you:


If there’s any information missing from my record, how do I get it added?


You can view your health record on the TOL Patient Portal through the Blue Button feature. If something’s missing, contact the provider that conducted the exam or ordered the lab work to ensure it gets added. All your health records are shared with the VA.


How do I file a VA disability claim?


You can file a VA disability claim through eBenefits, in person with a Veterans Service Organization, or with a VA representative at a military installation. Submit a copy of your Service Treatment Record (STR) from your current period of military service and any copies of private treatment records not associated with TRICARE referrals. For more information on VA disability benefits, call 1-800-827-1000 or visit the VA’s website.

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DD Form 2807-1: Report of Medical History


The primary collection of this information is from individuals seeking to join the Armed Forces. The information collected on this form is used to assist DoD physicians in making determinations as to acceptability of applicants for military service and verifies disqualifying medical condition(s) noted on the prescreening form (DD 2807-2). An additional collection of information using this form occurs when a Medical Evaluation Board is convened to determine the medical fitness of a current member and if separation is warranted. Completed forms are covered by recruiting, medical evaluation board, and official military personnel file SORNs maintained by each of the Services

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Separation Health Assessment

DoD Instruction 6040.46: The Separation History and Physical Examination (SHPE) for the DoD Separation Health Assessment (SHA) Program


This issuance establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for completion of a SHPE as the principal component of the DoD-Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) SHA Program in compliance with Section 1145(a) of Title 10, U.S.C. and the 2013-2015 Joint Executive Committee Joint Strategic Plan.

DTM 14-006: Separation History and Physical Examination (SHPE)


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MOA Implementation of Cooperative Separation Process/Examinations at Discharge Sites


This MOA provides the conditions, stipulations, and responsibilities of each party to support a cooperative separation process that will meet the needs of VA disability compensation evaluation and DoD separation/retirement assessment.

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