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Puget Sound Military Health System


The Puget Sound Military Health System (MHS) is an integrated medical market that:

  • Includes Army, Navy and Air Force facilities 
  • Provides care to more than 288,500 beneficiaries
  • Ensures Service members, retirees and families get timely access to the highest quality health care. 

We strive for a seamless patient experience. Our beneficiaries can get care at Army, Navy or Air Force facilities regardless of Service affiliation in many cases.  

Our Beneficiaries

  • Population Served: 290,000
  • Population Enrolled: 180,000 (62.1%)

Market Facilities by Service

Army  Navy Air Force 
  • Madigan Army Medical Center
  • Madigan – Puyallup Medical Home
  • Madigan – South Sound Medical Home
  • Okubo Family Practice Clinic
  • OMAMC - JB Lewis-McChord
  • UMATILLA Army Depot OHC
  • Winder Family Medical Clinic 
  • Naval Health Clinic Oak Harbor
  • Navy Hospital Bremerton
  • NBC Everett
  • NBHC Bangor
  • NBHC Puget Sound
  • 62nd Medical Squad JB Lewis-McChord

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New mom Kimberly Neifert watches NICU Nurse Brandy Lor check the breathing rate of her daughter Ruelyn at Madigan Army Medical Center. Premature babies experience faster heart rates than adults and may also pause longer between breaths due to immature breathing patterns. (U.S. Army photo by Suzanne Ovel)

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Those old jokes about Navy-issue eyeglasses being called ‘birth-control’ are not applicable anymore with a host of new stylish frames available from which to pick and choose. Since the new frames – nine different colors, style and sizes - were introduced last October, Optometry’s Optical Support Unit has made 1,124 new pairs of eye glasses for customers. (U.S. Air Force photo  by Senior Airman Jaeda Tookes)

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Working together ensures high-quality patient care

Puget Sound MHS logo

Supported by the Defense Health Agency, the Puget Sound MHS was selected as a pilot site for strategic patient communications

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