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RCA Resource Guide

The Root Cause Analysis, or RCA, Resource Guide was designed to augment existing educational offerings and provide standardized tools and resources that can be used by teams across the Military Health System when conducting RCAs. It will enable the MHS to:

  • Systematically identify and learn from failures.
  • Gain valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the MHS.
  • Correct any deficiencies in systems and processes that may affect patient care and prevent future patient harm.

The Resource Guide includes:

  • Executive Summary.
  • How to Use this Resource Guide.
  • Introduction.
  • Root Cause Analysis.
    • Processes and Timelines.
    • Building an RCA Team.
    • Conducting an RCA Investigation.
    • Determining Causal Factors and Corrective Actions.
    • Sharing Root Cause Analysis Findings.
  • Supplemental Tools and Resources.

Building capacity at the local level and ensuring that staffs properly report sentinel events and conduct effective RCAs will help guide the MHS’s journey towards achieving high reliability.

Request the RCA Resource Guide

DHA Address: 7700 Arlington Boulevard | Suite 5101 | Falls Church, VA | 22042-5101

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