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Ready Reliable Care (RRC) Safety Communication Bundle

The 2014 Military Health System (MHS) Review concluded that the MHS could best improve patient safety and quality of care by becoming a high reliability organization (HRO). An HRO strives for zero harm and remains committed to continuous learning and improvement despite operating in complex or high-risk environments.

Ready Reliable Care describes all MHS efforts to become an HRO. All MHS leaders, providers, and staff members contribute to high reliability by embodying seven RRC Guiding Principles in their daily work.

The RRC Safety Communication Bundle (SCB) operationalizes the RRC Domains of Change and exemplifies the RRC Guiding Principles. Teamwork is essential for operationalizing the Domains of Change and implementing the Practices.

The Safety Communication Bundle applies to clinical and non-clinical areas. Some departments and units may use all the practices and some may not, depending on services provided in the facility. All departments and units will use or participate in some of the Practices; for example, Leader Daily Safety Briefs, Safety Leadership Rounds and Unit-Based Huddles.

Leaders at all levels must foster an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect that empowers all to speak up when they identify safety concerns. Providers and staff must feel empowered to speak up and, when appropriate, act to mitigate risk and resolve preventable workplace stressors that lead to workforce burnout.

thumbnail of introduction to SCB video

Introduction to the Safety Communication Bundle video

Watch the Introduction to Ready Reliable Care (RRC) Safety Communication Bundle Webinar Recording to learn more about the set of six standardized communication Practices designed to increase leadership engagement, improve communication and teamwork, and reduce burnout with the goal of reducing preventable harm. This webinar focuses on:

  • Applying the six Practices
  • Roles and responsibilities in the Services, Markets, and MTFs
  • Measuring and reporting progress
  • Additional information and resources to supplement implementation and sustainment.

The Patient Safety Program hosted the Ready Reliable Care (RRC) Safety Communication Bundle Webinar on 20 October 2021 and 18 November 2021.

If you were unable to attend you can watch recordings of the webinar:

October 20, 2021 session:

November 18, 2021 session:

For additional information, check out the Fall 2021 Special Edition of the CQM Newsletter.

Download CQM Newsletter

SCB Information Portal

Available Now!

The Safety Communication Bundle (SCB) Information Portal was established to provide patient safety professionals a centralized location to obtain policy documents, implementation guides, roll-out plans, webinars, micro-learning videos, information sheets and other resources that will help guide the Safety Communication Bundle implementation process. When resources become available, they can be obtained by visiting the Safety Communication Bundle Information Portal.

Visit the Patient Safety Learning Center (PSLC) for more information on how to access the Safety Communication Bundle Information Portal.

Practices Operationalize Domains of Change and Exemplify Guiding Principles

advancement toward zero preventable harm safety communication bundle six practices

Overview of Communication Bundle Practices

Leaders Daily Safety Brief
A 15-minute brief in which command suite senior leaders and operational leaders provide updates on events from the past 24 hours and projections for the next 24 hours. Facility Leadership:
  • Command suite senior leaders
  • Unit and Department Leaders
  • Patient Safety and Quality Officers
Safety Leadership Rounds (WalkRounds™)
A routine planned event in which MTF Senior Leaders visit clinical and non-clinical areas and speak to staff about quality, safety, areas of potential risk, and policy compliance.
  • Senior Leadership
  • Frontline personnel
Unit-Based Huddles
A stand-up, checklist-driven planning meeting held at start of day or shift change; establishes and maintains a shared mental model on the plan for the day, shift, or event of care.
  • Multidisciplinary—all core team members, to include physicians, dentists, nurses, technicians, social worker, pharmacy, etc.
An evidence-based bundle of interventions designed to reduce miscommunication errors during patient care handoffs or transitions of care; based on a verbal mnemonic.
  • All Clinical Services—all team members involved in a patient's care (currently and after the transition)
Brief and Debrief
Brief: a short team planning session prior to the start of a surgical or invasive procedure.

Debrief: a confidential quality review and information exchange held at the end of a case or procedure in the Operating Room.
  • Brief: Entire Surgical/Procedural team (Operating Room and Procedural Area), to include staff surgeon, resident, intern, staff anesthesia, circulating nurse, surgical technician, students, etc.
  • Debrief: Entire Surgical (operating Room) team to include staff surgeon, resident, intern, staff anesthesia, circulating nurse, surgical technician, students, etc.
Universal Protocol
A standard process for conducting the pre-operative/pre- procedure verification process, marking the operative/procedural site, and a time-out immediately before starting the procedure.
  • Entire Surgical/Procedural team (Operating Room and Procedural Area) team to include staff surgeon, resident, intern, staff anesthesia, circulating nurse, surgical technician, students, etc.

Information Flow Between Practices

information flow between SCB six practices

Safety Communication Bundle Job Aids

SCB Job Aids will be received by parent MTFs in Q1 FY22 for distribution to area MTFs.
Digital files will be available to MTFs following the initial shipment of products.

Collage of SCB posters and badge cards available online

Some of the SCB posters and badge cards available online.

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