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Military Health System

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UBO Standard Insurance Table (SIT)/Other Health Insurance (OHI)

The Standard Insurance Table (SIT) is a centralized Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) database that contains information on Health Insurance Carriers (HIC) and the types of coverage (comprehensive, medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, etc.) that each HIC offers. The primary purpose of the SIT is to provide billing addresses and other contact information for each carrier based on the coverage they offer. HIC data are entered into the SIT by military treatment facility (MTFs) and Purchased CareThe TRICARE Health Program is often referred to as purchased care. It is the services we “purchase” through the managed care support contracts.purchased care staff, and is verified by the DHA Verification Point of Contact (VPOC). 

Other health insurance (OHI) refers to other health insurance policies that a TRICARE beneficiary may carry, representing potential collections for the Third Party Collections Program (TPCP) under United States Code, Title 10, Section 1095. OHI data refers to information about a patient's policy, like the policy name and number, coverage type, and effective dates. The information is used to properly route a health care claim sent to the OHI carrier. Currently, OHI is locally stored on CHCS host servers and shared with ABACUS. 

DoD TPCP activities involve the billing of health insurance plans on behalf of beneficiaries for both inpatient and outpatient treatment provided at an MTF or dental treatment facility (DTF). CHCS checks patients' eligibility for military health care against the local DEERS.

The SIT/OHI programs were developed to standardize data across the information systems of the MHS by centralizing repositories on DEERS with supporting architecture and interfaces. The centralized system allows for insurance company claims addresses to be stored and managed throughout the MHS.  

Keeping Your SIT/OHI Subscription Current

To assist an MTF with keeping its connectivity with DEERS, it is critical to maintain a relationship with the CHCS administrator. By working together, it will ensure continued connectivity with DEERS, and the most up-to-date SIT/OHI information for billing. 

To maintain connectivity, each MTF must "subscribe" to the SIT from CHCS to DEERS at least once a week. Regular maintenance of local SIT will ensure timeline updates from DEERS and prevent degradation of billing. More information is available in the following resource:

If you have questions, email the UBO Help Desk.  

Submitting Changes to the SIT/OHI Tables

To submit changes:

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Last Updated: November 03, 2022
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