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Component Acquisition Executive


Provide Acquisition leadership in support of the Department of Defense medical mission by:

  • Applying acquisition policy guidance, processes, life cycle oversight and management
  • Providing a qualified workforce to acquire products and services that contribute to a medically ready force and a ready medical force
  • Delivering timely, measurable improvements to medical capabilities at an affordable cost


The Defense Health Agency culture embraces and applies the full range of Acquisition disciplines, resulting in efficient delivery of effective medical products and services.

About the CAE

The Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) is responsible for oversight and approval of all acquisition matters for the Defense Health Agency, including both those acquisition matters performed under purview of the Agency's Program Executive Officers as well as those acquisition matters undertaken within the Agency's directorates and offices, except for acquisition matters explicitly reserved for oversight and approval by the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics).  Acquisition functions falling under the CAE’s purview include product conceptualization, program initiation, design, development, test, production, deployment, logistical support, modification, and product disposal. The CAE oversees these functions as they are applied to the acquisition of supplies, equipment, services, information technology (IT) systems, and infrastructure to satisfy the DHA’s mission to provide a medically ready force and a ready medical force.  In addition, the CAE is responsible for creating a professional, agile and motivated DHA defense acquisition workforce that consistently makes smart business decisions, acts in an ethical manner, and delivers timely and affordable capabilities.

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CAE Events

DHA Industry Day

DHA hosted an Industry Day Exchange event on 4 June 2019.  The purpose of this industry exchange is to: Discuss DHA’s overall trends and priorities relevant to Directorate’s operation transition, discuss effects of the Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF’s) to DHA transition; the challenges, risks, and opportunities and discuss the afore-mentioned changes and challenges that provide opportunities to industry.  Attendees heard from DHA’s senior leader to understand their perspective on current developments at DHA and future challenges in transforming to multi-domain operations strategically, and military health operations in the future across all military treatment facilities.  In addition, DHA staff highlighted upcoming FY20 and FY21 contracting opportunities.  This forum provided an excellent opportunity for networking and engagement with DHA’s subject matter experts.

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2019 Industry Day Agenda and Slides

File Date
2019 DHA Industry Day Agenda and Networking Sessions 6/4/2019

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2019 DHA Industry Day Agenda and Networking Sessions

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Component Acquisition Executive
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