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Patient Categories

Patient categories (PATCATs) are identified and grouped by sponsor service, beneficiary category, and special interest patient groups. The correct usage of PATCATs is directly linked to UBO billing operations for determining the appropriate rate to charge and the correct billing method.

New PATCAT Table (v6.1) Available

The table was updated effective May 19, 2017 to incorporate rate changes/corrections for civilian personnel stationed/employed at OCONUS facilities and new PATCATs created for the VA Choice Program.  

VA Choice Program (VCP) Initiative – New PATCAT Approved

A top priority for VA is making sure that Veterans have access to high quality care when and where they need it. One way VA accomplishes this priority is by using VA’s community care network. The Veterans Choice Program (VCP), one pathway among several for accessing the community care network, is being used at an increased rate. As a result, VA is providing its medical facilities with the flexibility needed to optimize resources locally for VA community care. Veterans that need community care will continue to be able to receive it.

Under the guidance of NDAA 2017, the VA Choice Program initiative has been implemented at three DoD military treatment facility (MTF) pilot sites:  

  • Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
  • Mike O'Callaghan Military Medical Center
  • Wright-Patterson AFB Medical Center

The VA Choice Program initiative necessitated the need to develop new patient categories to identify VA Choice enrollees receiving care in the Direct CareDirect care refers to military hospitals and clinics, also known as “military treatment facilities” and “MTFs.”direct care system. As a result, a new PATCAT was implemented, VO1– VA CHOICE Service Connected. PATCAT V01 is to be used when registering any VA Choice enrollees.

Please NOTE!!!
  • VA Choice Program eligible candidates must be enrolled in the VA Choice Program prior to obtaining care at participating MTFs.
  • Although our PATCAT table was updated to include two categories for the VA Choice Program (V01 & V02), the law changed in the midst of deployment so only one of the PATCATs should be utilized.  PATCAT V01 should ONLY be used with VA Choice Program enrollees. PATCAT V02 is not to be utilized at this time.
  • Please direct any questions you may have to your Service UBO managers.

PATCAT Training Resources

The new and improved PATCAT Training Module provides detailed information for understanding the purpose of PATCAT codes and about how PATCATs are structured and assigned.

The training module also offers learning checks throughout to assist with retaining knowledge about identifying PATCATs, access to PATCAT help resources, and how to utilize the latest PATCAT Finder Guide to choose the correct PATCAT. 

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