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Military Health System

EACE Journal Publications: Fiscal Year 2020

Following is a summary of published results in FY20 for several key research initiatives and focused research efforts.

Clinical Relevance of EACE Research

A longitudinal comparison of Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) to legacy scales in knee and shoulder arthroscopy patients

Amputation care quality and satisfaction with prosthetic limb service

Characterizing and understanding the low back pain experience among persons with lower limb loss

COX-2 inhibition does not alter wound healing outcomes of a volumetric muscle loss injury treated with a biologic scaffold

Design and fabrication of the Cubital Tunnel Control Orthosis

Design and fabrication of the radial and ulnar wrist articulating control orthoses

Evolution of fatigue damage in the L5 S1 disc resulting from walking exposures among persons with lower limb loss

Generating the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons score using multivariable predictive models and computer adaptive testing to reduce survey burden

Impedance control strategies for enhancing sloped and level walking capabilities for individuals with transfemoral amputation using a powered multi-joint prosthesis

Investigating the impact of the user interface for a powered hip orthosis on metabolic cost and user comfort

Muscle contributions to balance control during amputee and non amputee stair ascent

Occupational therapy practice patterns for military Service members with upper limb amputation

Prevalence of low back pain and relationship to mental health symptoms and quality of life after a deployment-related lower limb amputation

Rearfoot strike landing pattern run retraining to prevent recurrent calf strains in a US Navy Service member

Relationships between mediolateral trunk-pelvic motion, hip strength, and knee joint moments during gait among persons with lower limb amputation

Safety and efficacy of blood flow restriction therapy after operative management of distal radius fractures

Single-leg forward hopping exposures adversely affect knee joint health among persons with unilateral lower limb loss

Single-legged hop and single-legged squat balance performance in recreational athletes

Suturable mesh better resists early laparotomy failure in a cyclic ball-burst model

Ten-year outcomes of a systems-based approach to longitudinal amputation care in the US Department of Veteran Affairs

The effect of custom carbon ankle-foot orthosis alignment on roll-over shape and center of pressure velocity

The influence of tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and weight gain on development of secondary musculoskeletal injury after lower limb amputation

Trunk and lower extremity movement patterns stress fracture risk factors and biomarkers of bone turnover in military trainees

Validation of a commercially available markerless motion capture system for trunk and lower extremity kinematics during a jump landing assessment

Volumetric muscle loss disrupts length-dependent architectural and functional characteristics of skeletal muscle

Last Updated: August 29, 2022
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