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Military Health System

EACE Journal Publications: Fiscal Year 2021

Following is a summary of published results in Fiscal Year 2021 for several key research initiatives and focused research efforts.

Assessments of trunk postural control within a fall-prevention training program for Service members with lower limb trauma and loss

Trunk-pelvic coordination during unstable sitting at varying task demand: A methodological study

Latent factor analysis of the PROMIS and single assessment numeric evaluation in patients undergoing shoulder surgery.

Trunk postural control strategies among persons with limb loss while walking and performing concurrent tasks

Lower limb joint-specific contributions to standing postural sway in persons with unilateral lower limb loss

Development of overuse musculoskeletal conditions after combat-related upper limb amputation: A retrospective cohort study

Intramedullary unicortical button and all-suture anchors provide similar maximum strength for onlay distal biceps tendon repair.

How persons with transtibial amputation regulate lateral stepping while walking in laterally destabilizing environments

The effect of providing rehabilitation technology services through vocational rehabilitation in persons with amputation

Biomechanical characterization of the foot-ground interaction among Service members with unilateral transtibial limb loss performing unconstrained drop landings: Effects of drop height and added mass

Developing a combat-relevant translatable large animal model of heterotopic ossification

Resolving the burden of low back pain in military Service members and Veterans (RESOLVE): Protocol for a multisite pragmatic clinical trial

Evaluation of licofelone as an adjunct anti-inflammatory therapy to biologic scaffolds in the treatment of volumetric muscle loss.

A biomechanical comparison of high-tensile strength tape versus suture for tendon fixation under cyclic loading

Graphene k‐tape meshes for densely distributed human motion monitoring

Focusing research efforts on the unique needs of women prosthesis users

Clinical application of foot strike run retraining for military service members with chronic knee pain

Transtibial limb loss does not increase metabolic cost in three-dimensional computer simulations of human walking

Gait biomechanics: A clinically relevant outcome measure for preclinical research of musculoskeletal trauma

Recent progress in animal studies of the skin – and bone-integrated pylon with deep porosity for bone-anchored limb prosthetics with and without neural interface

Dexterity, activity performance, disability, quality of life, and independence in upper limb Veteran prosthesis users: A normative study

Amputation care quality and satisfaction with prosthetic limb services: A longitudinal study of Veterans with upper limb amputation

The effect of custom carbon ankle-foot orthosis alignment on roll-over shape and center of pressure velocity

Inclusion of a military-specific, virtual reality-based rehabilitation intervention improved measured function, but not perceived function, in individuals with lower limb trauma

Multiplanar stiffness of commercial carbon composite ankle-foot orthoses

The relationships between self-reported pain intensity, pain interference, and quality of life among injured U.S. Service members with and without low back pain

Should I stay or should I go? Identifying intrinsic and extrinsic factors in the decision to return to duty following lower extremity injury

Last Updated: September 29, 2022
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