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Patient and Family Resources

TBICoE offers a variety of educational information and resources to help patients and their families learn about mild, moderate, severe or penetrating TBI. The topics covered include signs and symptoms, coping and recovery, and prevention. Through fact sheets, booklets and guides—service members, veterans, their families and caregivers—can learn more about the common challenges experienced after sustaining a traumatic brain injury.

Check out the sections below and download these resources for yourself, a friend or family member, or to help with patient education if you are a medical provider.

Outreach Network

TBICoE fulfills its mission through outreach and educational activities for active-duty service members, veterans, their families, and health care providers about TBI management from prevention to recovery. Through the effort of Regional Education Coordinators and the A Head for the Future initiative, TBICoE aims to increase awareness about how to prevent and reduce the consequences of mild-to-severe TBI.

TBI Fact Sheets

Are you wondering about the common symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury, also known as concussion, and how to manage them? Need resources to help educate patients about TBI? Here are free, downloadable fact sheets that discuss various topics related to TBI—symptom management, awareness and prevention, clinical education, family resources and more. Whether you’re a service member, family member or health care provider, there are resources for you.

These fact sheets provide general information about TBI—common signs and symptoms, coping and recovery tips and the importance of treatment.

Family and Caregiver Guides

This section is devoted to families and friends, who play a critical role in supporting the health and well-being of individuals with TBI recognizing the emotional, physical, and financial toll that is so often associated with caregiving. Check out our new fact sheets!

Find and download resources for families and caregivers of those who have sustained a TBI.

TBI Patient Resources

These patient guides provide information about ongoing symptom management and recovery.

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