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Reports and Publications

Please view or download any of the following Health Surveillance reports and publications.

Please note that some files may not be compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you need an accessible version of a particular file, please contact us and we will provide one for you.

Armed Forces Reportable Events

Find Reportable Events guidelines and the weekly Communicable Disease Report. To obtain the Reportable Events Monthly Report, please contact us via email.

File Date
Armed Forces Reportable Medical Events Guidelines and Case Definitions 1/1/2020
Armed Forces Communicable Disease Weekly Report 3/25/2017
Armed Forces Reportable Medical Events Guidelines and Case Definitions Memo 1/1/2020

Surveillance Case Definitions

Standard surveillance case definitions used by the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch (AFHSB) for routine surveillance and reporting. These case definitions have been designed for use with administrative healthcare data derived from the U.S. military electronic health record (EHR) and contained in the Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS) and other available datasets. >>Download Surveillance Case Definitions

Deployment Health Assessments

Deployment Health Assessments prior to January 2011 may be found in past issues of the Medical Surveillance Monthly Report.


Global Emerging Infections Surveillance Annual Reports


DOD Health of the Force

This report represents a coordinated effort by the Defense Health Agency and the Army, Navy, and Air Force public health centers to provide a snapshot of active component Service member health and well-being. It is meant to be a resource for military leaders and decision makers to help identify changes in the health status of active component Service members, emerging health problems, and gaps in prevention and treatment efforts.


HIV Annual Report

Routine screening for antibodies to HIV-1, civilian applicants for U.S. military service and U.S. Armed Forces, active and reserve components, August 2011. >>Download HIV Update

Influenza Summaries and Reports

Our mission is to provide an operationally relevant, global, laboratory-based influenza surveillance program that encompasses the most important respiratory diseases affecting the US military. >>View Reports

Integrated Biosurveillance Summaries

Find surveillance summaries for West Africa Ebola, MERS-CoV, Caribbean Chikungunya and H7N9. >>Find a Summary

Medical Surveillance Monthly Reports

The MSMR provides monthly evidence-based estimates of the incidence, distribution, impact, and trends of health-related conditions among service members. >>Download reports, subscribe and view instructions for authors

Vector-Borne Annual Reports

These annual reports provide information on cases of vector-borne illnesses during the last 10 years, including detail by Service for active component, reserve/guard, and other beneficiaries.

File Date
Mosquito-Borne Viral Encephalitides 5/12/2015
West Nile Fever 5/12/2015
Arthropod-Borne Hemorrhagic Fever 5/14/2015
Dengue Fever 5/14/2015
Leishmaniasis 5/14/2015
Lyme Disease 5/14/2015

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Armed Forces Reportable Medical Events Guidelines and Case Definitions


A reportable event may represent an inherent, significant threat to public health and military operation. These events have the potential to affect large numbers of people, to be widely transmitted within a population, to have severe/life threatening clinical manifestations, and to disrupt military training and deployment. Timely, accurate reporting of probable, suspected or confirmed cases ensures proper identification, treatment, control, and follow-up of cases.

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AFHSC Surveillance Bulletin, Third Quarter 2015


This month's AFHSB Surveillance Bulletin features: Revisions to the Installation Injury Report Data Management and Technical Support team to release updated web-based health surveillance tools AFHSB staff and FIES partners public health surveillance analysis on injuries and illnesses among U.S. service members

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AFHSD Reports and Publications
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