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Joint Senior Medical Leaders Course (JSMLC)

Format: Resident, Exportable

JSMLC is a five-day, CLASSROOM-ONLY course designed to enhance preparation of medical leaders (senior O-5s to O-6s) who have a high probability of being named as a JTF Surgeon, JTF senior medical leader, or occupy a senior medical planning position in a joint environment.  In addition, the course would be valuable for those serving in senior departments, training and preparing forces for joint operations and deployment.  

Course Benefits:

  • Enhance knowledge of operational medicine, joint policy and doctrine, interagency coordination, major contingency operations, and stability operations in preparation for future roles as JTF Surgeons and their senior staff.
  • Reinforce and expand our warfighting capabilities and promote a discussion of a variety of issues senior leaders will face in an operational medicine setting.
  • The course will be conducted through presentations by senior leadership, discussions of current issues, trends, and lessons learned, along with a table-top exercise.  Course participants will leave the course with increased knowledge of joint medical operations, policy and doctrine, and interagency efforts in preparation for future senior medical positions within a Combatant Command.

Nomination Process:

  • AIR FORCE: Air Force personnel must contact Maj Doug Grabowski before the nomination deadline listed below.

  • ARMY ACTIVE AMEDD Officers: Submit a curriculum vitae (CV) and a biography to the USARMY Ft Knox HRC Mailbox before the nomination deadline listed below.
  • ARMY RESERVE and NATIONAL GUARD Officers: Submit a Nomination Request Form to DMRTI by the nomination deadline listed below.

  • ARMY ENLISTED (All Components): Submit a curriculum vitae (CV) and a biography to SGM Jose Raymundo before the nomination deadline listed below.

  • COCOMs: A Memorandum for Record (MFR) will be released by the Defense Health Agency Military Liaison Officers (DHA LNO) to Combatant Commands requesting nominations. The MFR directs COCOM members to submit nominations to the DHA LNO Program Manager, Ms. Sara Huntsman, before the nomination deadline listed below.
  • DHA: Submit a curriculum vitae (CV) directly to DMRTI before the nomination deadline listed below.

  • NAVY: Navy personnel must contact CAPT William Beckman before the nomination deadline listed below.
  • Seats are limited and course attendees will be screened prior to being offered a seat.

Prerequisite Courses

Upcoming Courses

Date Nomination Due Location
*29 Mar - 09 Apr 2021  22 Jan 2021 ONLINE via Microsoft Teams
02-06 Aug 2021  14 May 2021 DHA Gatehouse Rd Annex - Falls Church, VA 

*Course dates cancelled.  Dates may be rescheduled once approved.

All course dates may be rescheduled if the minimum student quota requirement has not been met. In the rare event of course cancellation or date change, DMRTI will notify all students as soon as changes are confirmed. Confirmed registered students will have priority in the next course.

DHA Address: 7700 Arlington Boulevard | Suite 5101 | Falls Church, VA | 22042-5101

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