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Autism Care Demonstration

TRICARE covers applied behavior analysis (ABA) for all beneficiaries through the TRICARE Autism Care Demonstration.

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Download meeting minutes, transcripts, and questions/answers from the Autism Roundtable and Stakeholder meetings.


Changes to Texas License Requirements for ABA Providers

Due to changes in Texas (TX) licensure laws for applied behavior analysis (ABA) providers, TX has now defined the licensure requirements for assistant behavior analysts (requiring a certification from the BACB - the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst certification) which goes into effect on Sept. 1, 2018.

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Information Paper on Durable Equipment

This information paper details the guidelines and procedures for appropriate DE requests and criteria for approval, including a brief review of the literature for DE/DME for TRICARE eligible beneficiaries diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

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Applied Behavior Analysis Maximum Allowed Amounts - Spring 2016


These rates were calculated by updating the National Rates presented at the ABA Roundtable (Dec 3, 2015) based on a re-survey of the states' Medicaid rates in January and February 2016. The updated National Rates were then adjusted using the Medicare geographic locality factors, exactly as used to adjust all other TRICARE rates. The rates depicted are either the actual rate calculated or the current rate less 15%, whichever is higher. The rates have also been adjusted to ensure that they are no less than the Medicaid rates in those states which have adopted statewide Medicaid rates for these services. The rates are effective April 1, 2016, for the localities below numbered 301-389. The rates without a locality number at the bottom are effective May 1, 2016.

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RAND Report: TRICARE Applied Behavior Analysis Benefit


This report, prepared by the RAND Corporation, provides a comparison of TRICARE's current applied behavior analysis benefit with Medicaid and commercial benefits. The comparison includes reimbursement rates, copayments and annual caps.

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Applied Behavior Analysis Maximum Allowed Amounts | Autism Care Demonstration

Defense Health Board Findings Pertaining to Autism Treatment


This memo outlines the findings and recommendations of the Defense Health Board Findings pertaining to Autism Treatment.

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Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis


Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis presented to the Defense Health Board Sept. 5, 2008

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Autism Care Demonstration
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