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Worldwide TBI Numbers

The Traumatic Brain Injury Center of Excellence (TBICoE) tracks the number of traumatic brain injuries in the U.S. military and publishes the information on their webpages. TBICoE gets the information directly from the military electronic health record system. The reports include cases that use the diagnosis codes for TBI and cover members of the U.S. forces around the world, not just those deployed to combat areas. It is important to note that more than 80% of military TBIs are not related to deployments and the reports include TBIs caused by auto accidents in personal vehicles, falls, sports and recreation activities, as well as military training. Reports are organized by year and updated every quarter.

Visit the TBICoE web pages to download and view the reports.


DOD Numbers for Traumatic Brain Injury, Worldwide Totals from 2000-2021. Penetrating 5,606; Severe 4,591; Moderate 49,055; Mild 371,710; Not Classifiable 20,957. Total All Severities 453,919. Data as of February 11, 2022.
Last Updated: May 19, 2022

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