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Medical Student Rotation Application Frequently Asked Questions

Planning to request a rotation with Naval Medical Center Portsmouth? Take a moment to check out some of the most frequently asked questions below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I select any days I wish for my rotation?

Please make sure your clerkship request dates start on a Monday and end on a Friday, unless either of those days are federal holidays. We start rotations every Monday, unless a holiday, so please request the rotation to fit with your school schedule. Rotations are generally four weeks in length but can be shorter depending on specialty.

  • Navy HPSP students on ADT orders: Due to the fiscal year, your rotation must end by the last Friday in September.
    For the following fiscal year, your rotation can’t start any earlier then the second week in October. This means there are no Navy HPSP students on ADT orders that are on a rotation during the last Friday of September and the second week of October.
  • Air Force HPSP students on ADT orders, HPSP in a civilian status, HSCP, and USUHS don’t have any restricted dates.

Q2. How should I list which clerkship I desire?

Help us to help you, and be as specific as possible. For example:

  • If you want Pediatrics, please list what Pediatric specialty you want.
  • If you want Internal Medicine, please list if you would like wards or another sub-specialty of IM.

Our clerkship offerings are linked on our main GME page. Please also notate if the rotation will be taken as a Sub-I.

Q3. Once I am ready to submit do I need to submit my request using any special format or DOD SAFE?

We prefer you do not use DOD SAFE as we don’t request any PII, however you may use it if you wish. Please submit request form as an attached word document or within the body of an email. We don’t accept PDF or hand written forms.

Q4. If I know I want to request multiple clerkships for different time frames can I just put them all on one request form?

To try and ensure we do not miss the subsequent requests, we ask that you submit only one clerkship request per form. In other words, if you plan to request different clerkships, submit each one on its own form.

Q5. Do I need to submit my CV or any other supporting documents with my rotation request?

No, however, some programs may request items such as your CV, board scores, and unofficial transcript prior to accepting you for a rotation so it would be a good idea to have them prepared.

Q6. What if I just want to request an interview without a rotation?

Please complete clerkship application form and leave out the rotation request and date portion.

Q7. Now that I have submitted my clerkship request(s), what’s the next step?

  • We respond to clerkship requests in the order that they are received. Please note that students requesting 4th year rotations take priority during our interview season (typically June-October).
  • We anticipate a large number of requests coming starting on the first Tuesday in December, so please be patient as we process these.
  • Here is our clerkship process: Expect an initial response within five business days from the Student Affairs Office however, it may be longer before you hear the final decision from the Program Coordinator.
  • Please keep in mind there are hundreds of applicants and not hundreds of Program Coordinators. Your patience is greatly appreciated.
  • We will send your clerkship request to the coordinator in the department you wish to rotate with, and we will cc you on this email. The coordinator then approves or denies the requested rotation.
    • If approved, then you will receive a clerkship approval letter from our office typically 60 days before your rotation start date.
    • If rotation is denied, we will move onto either your next set of dates and/or next clerkship listed until we can find a rotation for you.

Have a question not answered in this document?

Please send us an email for assistance:

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