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Military Health System

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Internal Medicine

Program Type: Military Medical Center

Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Accredited: Yes, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

Program Length: 3 years

Required Pre-Requisite Training:

  • Medical School Graduation
  • If prior completed preliminary medicine internship, may start at PGY2 level with program director approval
  • If prior completed transitional year internship, may start at PGY1 level with partial credit with program director approval
  • If prior completed surgical year internship, will start at PGY1 level

Categorical Year in Specialty Required: No

Total Approved Complement: 9

Approved per Year (if applicable): Not applicable

Dedicated research year offered: No

Medical Student Rotation availability: 4th Year

  • Ward Medicine
  • Hematology/Oncology consult service and outpatient clinic
  • Pulmonary consult service and outpatient clinic
  • Gastroenterology consult service and outpatient clinic
  • Cardiology consult service and outpatient clinic
  • Infectious Diseases consult service and outpatient clinic
  • Nephrology consult service and outpatient clinic

Additional degree concurrent with training (e.g. MPH): No

Program Phone Number: 910-643-2415


Program Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Program Description

This is Womack Army Medical Center, located in Fort Liberty, North Carolina—One of the busiest military complexes worldwide. Fort Liberty is home to the legendary 82nd Airborne Division, the XVIII Airborne Corps, the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, the U.S. Army Forces Command, the U.S. Army Reserve Command and the U.S. Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights. By population, Fort Liberty is the largest Army installation in the world, home to 10 percent of the Army's active component forces…yes, really – 1 in 10 of all Army Service Members are stationed here. Womack Army Medical Center is the main hospital for all of these amazing Soldiers and Retirees, their families, and an adjunct hospital to the Veterans Administration (VA) beneficiaries. We can tell you about how we are a “state of the art facility, providing a rich training experience,” but this is what that really means: we are a great hospital with pathology rivaling that of the major centers – and YOU will be in the middle of all the action. We don’t have any subspecialty fellows to put in that central line or intubate that patient or have that goals-of-care discussion with that cancer patient. This will be YOU. Also, more than any other residency, you will see firsthand what it is to be an Army doctor. You will have more contact and interaction with more INTERNISTS who have deployed or been assigned to Army units. We have subspecialists who are very passionate about their fields and about teaching who have no fellows to train who can’t wait to train you. We can help you design your career path and a curriculum that fits YOU, no matter what your passion in Internal Medicine.

This program is going to watch you grow – academically, emotionally, and physically. We are moving towards fully integrating competency-based milestones where we will expect you to meet milestones to progress to the next level. As you progress, you will be given more and more responsibility and eventually, independence. What about research? We have the best clinical investigations department I’ve ever worked with. What does that mean? I have been places where I was just “the little guy” trying to make my way through the forest of institutional review board (IRB) regulations and no one seemed to want to help me. Here, one quick email to and you'll be set you on the path to your publication. I have NEVER had support for research like this in any of the five Army hospitals I’ve worked at.

This residency is 36 months long. You will primarily train here, at Womack Army Medical Center (known as the “sponsoring institution”). We also have two participating sites: the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, where you will rotate through their large cardiac care unit (CCU) and intensive care unit (ICU), and the Fayetteville VA, where you will do your geriatrics and palliative care rotation. The requirements have changed since most of your staff were in residency (effective 2021), and now our accrediting body has transitioned to a more career-focused design. This means fewer inpatient months and more electives. What about the electives? Well, the selection of those depends on your in-training-exam (ITE) scores (you take that in September). Those subjects that you’re weaker on, we’ll give you more elective time to learn. Don’t worry – we’ll give you tons of resources, a dedicated faculty, a lot of passion, and the support you need to make this residency the best training for you.

Mission, Vision and Aims

Curriculum and Schedules

Scholarly and Professional Development Opportunities

Participating Sites

Applicant Information, Rotation and Interview Opportunities

Teaching Opportunities

Faculty and Mentorship


Contact Us

Internal Medicine Residency Program

Location: Womack Army Medical Center, Department of Medicine, 2nd floor of the clinic building (“All American Entrance”)

Hours of Operation:

7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Phone: 910-643-2415

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