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Back to School

Many children are returning to school in-person this fall for the first time in more than a year. It is to be expected that students, and even parents and teachers may experience anxiety. Also, parents need to be aware that most schools and daycare centers require immunizations for enrollment.

Message to Communicators


Don't forget needed immunizations

Suggested social media messageAs children return to school in-person this fall, don’t forget that most schools and daycare centers require immunizations for enrollment. Talk to school administrators or your child’s pediatrician to see what is required in your area. #BTS #immunization #vaccine

Back to School on Campus Checklist - Vaccinations, Masks, Hand hygiene

Suggested social media message: “Kids heading back to school soon? Make sure they are prepped and ready to stay safe! #BTS #MilKids”

Back to school can be hard - anxiety is normal

Suggested social media message: “Some kids may be feeling more anxiety returning to school this year, and that’s normal! We’ve never been in a circumstance quite like this as well, so parents should prepare to help their kids come back to in-person school. #BTS  #ChildMentalHealth #MilKids”

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Back to School Fast Tips

Back to School Fast Tips

Here are some fast tips for a smooth and safe transition to getting back to school this year.

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