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Immunization Awareness Month

Immunization Awareness

Vaccines are critical tools in the healthcare arsenal, with a long, successful history of fighting or eradicating disease. During National Immunization Awareness Month, we want to remind beneficiaries that vaccines have saved more lives around the world than any other medical invention.

Message for Communicators 


Immunization Awareness

Suggested social media message: "August is immunization awareness month. Vaccines are a safe and effective means of countering the threats to personal health and military readiness. Few public health tools in history have prevented more disease and saved more lives. Learn more at: #PreventiveCare"

Immunization Awareness - Routine Childhood Schedule - Documentation and Shot Record - Catch-up Schedule - Pneumococcal Vaccine and Smokers

Suggested social media message: "Vaccines are safe, tested and save lives. Learn more about the processes vaccines go through to show they are safe and effective: #immunization #PreventiveCare"

Immunization Awareness Routine Childhood Schedule

Suggested social media message: "There are 14 preventable disease immunizations that are essential components for in-person school attendance in the fall. Parents can check out #immunization #PreventiveCare"

Immunization Awareness - Catch Up Schedule

Suggested social media message: "Getting extra doses of a vaccine doesn't necessarily increase the risk of side effects, but the spacing of vaccines can create discomfort after getting certain shots. Check out if you have questions. #immunization #PreventiveCare"

Immunization Awareness -  Documentation and shot record

Suggested social media message: "An incomplete shot record can lead to duplicate immunizations or appearing to not meet local or host country requirements. Parents can check out some tips for saving their child's immunization records at #immunization #PreventiveCare"

Immunization Awareness - Pneumococcal Vaccines and Smokers

Suggested social media message: "Getting at least 1 shot of pneumococcal vaccine protects 8 in 10 babies from getting a serious infections called invasive pneumococcal disease. Talk to your pediatrician, and find more information here: #immunization #PreventiveCare"

Immunization Awareness Combination Vaccines

Suggested social media message: "Combination vaccines bundle multiple vaccines together, like the common DTaP, which protects against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis. Combination vaccines offer the same protection with fewer shots. Learn more at: #immunization #PreventiveCare"

National immunization Awareness Month - National immunization Awareness Month is an annual observance that highlights the importance of vaccines for people of all ages.

Suggested social media message: "On-time vaccination helps provide immunity before children are exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases especially upon returning to in-person school. The CDC can help parents make decisions about vaccines for their children."

National immunization Awareness Month - National immunization Awareness Month is an annual observance that highlights the importance of vaccines for people of all ages.

Suggested social media message: "Get the most out of your well-child visits! During your next well-child visit, ask if your child is due for any regular immunizations. To find a provider, visit #immunization #PreventiveCare #TFF"

National Immunization Awareness Month. HPV Vaccination - 3 things parents should know about preventing cancer

Suggested social media message: "The Human Papillomavirus is a collection of more than 150 related viruses, some of which increase the risk of several cancers. The HPV vaccine can help prevent those cancers, making it important for people aged 9-45 years of age. Talk to your health care provider for more information. #HPV #immunization"

National Immunization Awareness Month - HPV is a common virus that infects teens and adults - 80 percent of people will get an HPV infection in their lifetime.

Suggested social media message:  "DYK… More than 120 million doses of HPV vaccine have been distributed in the United States? Learn how to protect yourself and family here: #HPV #immunization”

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