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Audiology Awareness Month

Healthy ears equal ready force. Audiology Awareness

More than 36 million American adults have some degree of hearing loss and over half of them are younger than age 65. October is National Audiology Awareness Month, to increase awareness of hearing as a critical sense and the role audiologists play in caring for patients.

Message for Communicators

Graphics and Suggested Social Media Content

Healthy ears equal ready force. Audiology Awareness

Suggested social media message: Audiologists play a critical role in caring for the hearing health of their patients. National Audiology Awareness Month reminds us how important hearing is as a critical sense. This month, focus on preventing hearing loss, and remind yourself why hearing health is a vital part of maintaining total force readiness. Remain mission ready and see an audiologist to assess your hearing health. For more information, visit: #AudiologyAwarenessMonth

Is untreated hearing loss masking your ability to hear? Audiology Awareness

Suggested social media message: Hearing loss is invisible and not noticeable to the individual in the early stages. Annual hearing checks will help you maintain your hearing health.  To find an audiologist, visit:   #AudiologyAwarenessMonth

How Audiologists Keep you mission ready. Audiology Awareness

Suggested social media message: DYK? Audiologists are health care professionals who can help prevent, evaluate, diagnose, treat and manage hearing loss and balance disorders. To find an audiologist, visit: #AudiologyAwarenessMonth

Grab your ear pro. Wear hearing protection to prevent injury and maintain your ability to do your job. Audiology Awareness

Suggested social media message: Service members can prevent hearing loss by wearing protective gear like earplugs, noise muffs, noise-attenuating helmets and other approved devices. Check with your Hearing Conservation Program or military treatment facility about which protective device is best for your job and environment.  For more about HPDs visit: #AudiologyAwarenessMonth

Injury Prevention - Listen up, watch out

Suggested social media message: Service members can be exposed to a range of environmental hazards during training, deployment and other missions. Stay alert to hazards and wear proper protective equipment to help prevent injuries to your eyes and ears. -’ #AudiologyAwarenessMonth

Injury Prevention - Listen up, watch out

Suggested social media message: Service members are routinely exposed to sensory hazards during training and combat operations. Degraded hearing or vision can impact your mission fitness and safety. Protect your eyes and ears by wearing the right protective equipment for your mission, and get regular hearing and vision checkups to stay mission ready.” #AudiologyAwarenessMonth

Injury Prevention - Listen up, watch up

Suggested social media message: DYK? More than 40% of eye injuries each year are related to sports or recreational activities, and nearly 50% of hearing loss in people age 12-35 is caused by recreational noise like music. When you’re off-duty, be sure to wear the right protective gear for different types of activities to prevent vision and hearing injury. -  #AudiologyAwarenessMonth

Last Updated: December 14, 2021

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