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Pharmacy Operations Toolkit

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Text only image that reads ‘Communicating changes to pharmacy operations due to COVID-19 DSCA Deployments’

Communicating Changes to Pharmacy Operations due to COVID-19 DSCA Deployments

The Defense Health Agency has developed this digital toolkit to provide military pharmacies with the print and digital resources needed to make beneficiaries aware of changes to pharmacy operations that may occur as a result of COVID-19 Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) deployments. In addition to the images you'll find below, we've provided military pharmacies with 7 customizable print and digital resources.

To access these resources, log into milSuite and go to milBook.  In milBook, search for 'pharmacyDSCAtoolkit' (no spaces) to find the customizable materials.  Please note: You'll need a Common Access Card (CAC) to access MilSuite.  If you haven't used MilSuite before, you will be prompted to set up a User Profile when you first login

Background: Changes to Pharmacy Operations due to COVID-19 DSCA Deployments

The new National Strategy for the COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness includes the use of Department of Defense resources to include pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other federal workers in support of DSCA missions. As a result, Military pharmacy staff at certain installations across the United States are deploying in support of community COVID-19 vaccination efforts or to assist with the COVID-19 response in under-resourced areas.

Toolkit Resources

Please use the materials below to make beneficiaries aware of changes to pharmacy operations due to pharmacy staff deployments in support of the DSCA COVID-19 response.

Toolkit materials will accomplish the following:

  1. Generate beneficiary awareness of potential future changes/impacts; and
  2. Make beneficiaries aware of a variety of key pharmacy operational changes

Please use the materials below as appropriate, as they apply to your facility.

The following resources may help make beneficiaries aware of potential upcoming changes to pharmacy operations. Use these resources to make beneficiaries aware that your military pharmacy’s operational status may be impacted as a result of the deployment of military pharmacy personnel in support of the federal COVID-19 response, and the potential impacts they might expect.


Your military pharmacy operations may be impacted due to military pharmacy deployments in support of federal COVID-19 response

Use this graphic for print as well as digital use on computers and CCTV, as well as posting on social media.

Handout indicating that your military pharmacy and text explaining that your military pharmacy operations may be impacted due to personnel deployments for the federal COVID-19 response, including increased processing times, reduced hours, weekend closures, temporary access limits, and temporary closures

Use this quarter-sheet flyer to include in pharmacy prescription bags.

Infographic: Pharmacy Options during COVID-19

pharmacy options during covid 19

Infographic: COVID-19 Pharmacy Beneficiary Options

 pharmacy beneficiary options

TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery Factsheet

home delivery thumbnail

Formulary Search Tool Buckslip

What it is: 

The included graphics are buck slips that can be provided to beneficiaries to educate them on TRICARE's Formulary Search Tool. 

Why is it helpful: 

Providing these printouts for your beneficiaries can help them find information about their prescriptions through an additional resource. With the search tool, beneficiaries can find prescription details, where to get prescriptions filled, coverage details, and other medication options. 

Sample Buckslip

(Front of Buckslip)

A buck slip for educating beneficiaries on what the TRICARE Formulary Search Tool is. Links to

(Back of Buckslip)

A buck slip for educating beneficiaries on what the TRICARE Formulary Search Tool is. Includes a QR code that links to the search tool.

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