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Military Health System

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The PINC Clinic onboard Capodichino offers various forms of short-acting reversible birth control. NSA Naples is an operational ashore base that enables U.S., allied, and partner nation forces to be where they are needed, when they are needed to ensure security and stability in the European, African, and Central Command areas of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Aaliyah Essex)
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Reproductive Health

Women’s Health and in particular, reproductive health, has emerged as a Department of Defense priority to ensure the readiness of active duty service women and the health of all women across the DOD. Women have unique health care needs, and the Military Health System is committed to providing the most comprehensive care across all stages of life.

The Defense Health Agency as produced a series of toolkits focused on reproductive health to help you communicate locally about MHS programs and initiatives, including Walk-In Contraceptive Services that are currently being established at all military hospitals and clinics across the DOD.

Check back regularly as this toolkit continues to grow with new reproductive health topics. Select from the topics below to find messaging, graphics and more:

Print, Share & Distribute Locally

Print these cards and distribute throughout your facilities and installations to spread the word about Women’s Health and how to get help accessing reproductive health care. Each card has a QR code linking to a webpage for more information.

Download the Women's Health Card

Download the Reproductive Health Contact Us Card

Graphic & Social Media Content

Contact Us for Help with Contraceptive Care

Suggested Social Media Message: “If you're struggling to access reproductive or contraceptive care, reach out. Fill out the form on the "Contact Us" page. You don't need to leave your name or personal identifiers, and you'll get a response in 3-5 business days.”

Share these Apps!

Military Health mobile apps provide information and support to service members, veterans, and their families for a variety of health issues. See All Our Mobile Apps.

Deployment Readiness Education for Service Women

The Deployment Readiness Education for Servicewomen

This app empowers women by providing a one-stop resource for women’s health concerns before, during, and after deployment.

Explore the App

Decide + Be Ready app logo

Decide + Be Ready

This app provides an interactive way for service members to learn about birth control options and help think through what is important to them about the method they choose.

Explore the Appgoes to the App

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