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Forensic Toxicology

The Division of Forensic Toxicology Post-Mortem & Human Performance Testing Laboratory is the Department of Defense's (DoD's) centralized laboratory which performs routine toxicological examinations for:

  • Class A, B and C military aircraft, ground and ship (sea) mishaps in which no fatalities occur (referred to as incidents)
  • OAFME cases to include all military aircraft, ground and ship (sea) accidents involving fatalities
  • Selected military autopsies
  • Biological specimens from AFOSI, CID and NCIS criminal investigations
  • Blood for legal alcohol and drug tests in DUI and DWI medico-legal determinations
  • Blood and urine in fitness-for-duty interrogations
  • Selected cases of national interest.

Post-Mortem & Human Performance Laboratory

The division’s Post-Mortem and Human Performance Testing Laboratory performs testing in support of autopsies, military criminal investigations, legal alcohol determinations, fitness-for-duty inquiries, and selected forensic cases of national interest.

DoD Drug Testing Quality Assurance Laboratory

The Special Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory provides the DoD Drug Detection Reduction Program with specialized forensic analysis for drugs of emerging abuse and the Quality Assurance laboratory perform quality oversight for the DoD Drug Testing Program through certification, proficiency testing and inspections.

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The Department of Defense's watchdog

U.S. Army Maj. Lynn Wagner, Armed Forces Medical Examiner System Division of Forensic Toxicology Special Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Facility chief (left), and Dr. Jeffrey Walterscheid, AFMES Division of Forensic Toxicology chief toxicologist, pose for a photo. Wagner and Walterscheid want to let service members know they are watching and making sure they do not get away with doing synthetic cannabinoids. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Ashlin Federick)

The Special Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory is one of three DoD laboratories certified to test for synthetic cannabinoids, or Spice drugs

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Toxicology Submission Guidelines


Guidelines for the collection and shipment of toxicology specimens

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Forensic Toxicology

Forensic Toxicology Analysis Request


Use this form to obtain information/specimens needed to evaluate and document forensic toxicological testing.

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Forensic Toxicology
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