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Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization (FEHRM) Program Office


The FEHRM’s primary mission is to implement a single, common federal EHR to enhance patient care and provider effectiveness, wherever care is provided.


The FEHRM is achieving its mission by:

  • Actively managing risks and the operation of the joint Federal Data Center, where all federal health data resides
  • Minimizing risk to EHR deployment and implementation
  • Identifying opportunities for efficiency, standardization and system and process optimization
  • Advancing interoperability across the federal and private sectors

In April 2020, the FEHRM launched the joint health information exchange (HIE), a critical step forward in achieving these objectives. Building upon the success of DOD’s and VA’s health information exchange work, the joint HIE is an enhanced network of private sector providers across the United States who have agreed to securely share clinical information with DOD and VA providers. The joint HIE enhances the ability of DOD and VA providers to quickly and securely access patient electronic health information from participating private sector providers and vice versa to help providers make more informed treatment decisions.

Such digital sharing of data also helps minimize the number of times patients need to share their health histories, undergo duplicative tests or manage printed health records. While the single, common EHR is the federal source for a patient’s health history, the joint HIE is what links the federal EHR information to the private sector EHR information.

The FEHRM’s continued efforts with EHR modernization and the joint HIE is transforming health care delivery for Service members, Veterans and their families. With experts in analytics, clinical care, information technology and training, the FEHRM is driving federal solutions for more efficient, safer care and a better health care experience for all.

Policy and Legislation

FEHRM Charter

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020

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