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NH Twentynine Palms conducts MHS GENESIS mock Go-Live

Two women in masks, sitting at laptop Navy Cmdr. Catherine Soteras (right), ), Department Head for the Main Operating Room, Directorate of Surgical Services at Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms, breathes a sigh of relief after taking MHS GENESIS Mock Go-Live Training. “I feel rest assured, it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.” (Photo by David Marks (Civ), NH Twentynine Palms.)

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On Sept. 15, NH Twentynine Palms providers and staff conducted a ‘Mock Go-Live’ training event, in preparation of the deployment of the new electronic health record.

The new EHR, known as MHS GENESIS, will provide Department of Defense beneficiaries with enhanced, secure technology to manage beneficiaries' health information. It also integrates inpatient and outpatient solutions that will connect medical and dental information across the continuum of care, from point of injury to the military medical treatment facility. This includes garrison, operational, and en route care, increasing efficiencies for health care professionals and improving outcomes for beneficiaries.

For this training event, MHS GENESIS trainers worked with clinicians and providers to walk them through the new system and answer their questions. Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms Go-Live is scheduled for Sept. 26.

“Overall the experience of going electronic is extremely positive,” said Kim Purcell, a Mock Go-Live team member.

Purcell, a registered nurse, said she’s worked in two hospitals that have already implemented MHS GENESIS and the results have been overwhelming positive. “Initially, when sites go live, it’s extremely stressful because clinicians are experts,” Purcell explained. “Any time you implement a new system, it takes the clinician from an expert level down to almost a feeling of a novice again, because the system is new to them. But once they figure out the nuts and bolts of accessing records, writing notes and making referrals, they are empowered to still be that expert caring for the patient.”

Following her mock go-live training, Navy Cmdr. Catherine Soteras, department head for the main operating room, Directorate of Surgical Services, at the hospital said, “I feel rest assured, it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.”

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