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Military Health System

Defense Medical Logistics Vendor Day

Questions and answers about Vendor Day — a cooperative venture hosted by the Military Service Medical Logistics Agencies located on Fort Detrick.


What is the purpose of Vendor Day?


Vendor Day is an opportunity for vendors to showcase their products to the Defense Health Agency (DHA) and six medical materiel agencies under the Department of Defense (DOD), including:

  • Defense Health Agency Medical Logistics Division (DHA MEDLOG)
  • U.S. Army Medical Reserch and Materiel Command (USAMRMC)
  • U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA)
  • Naval Medical Logistics Command (NMLC)
  • Air Force Medical Logistics Office (AFMLO)
  • U.S. Marine Corp Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM)

The focus of these events is to assist the services’ medical logistics agencies with strategic market analysis of products and technologies that may be applicable to our austere medical environment. Vendors are required to complete the online registration form for the day they would like to attend. Vendors must identify, at the time of registration, what products they wish to show. Vendors will be limited to a specific area for showcasing their products and will not bring extra shelters to accommodate additional items. Vendors are required to be present at Fort Detrick for the entire event. There will be no formal demonstration times set aside. Interested participants will view products at their leisure within the time allotted for each day, much like at an exhibit hall.


What is the cost of registration?


There is NO REGISTRATION FEE for MHS's Vendor Day event.


How frequently is Vendor Day held?


MHS's Vendor Day event is scheduled for 7 times each year, beginning in March and ending in November.


Who will see my products at Vendor Day?


Military medical logisticians and subject matter experts from the medical materiel agencies attend Vendor Day.


What's the earliest I can begin setting up for the Vendor Day event in Building 693?


You may arrive as early as 9:00 a.m. to set up for the day’s event.


How do I get on to Fort Detrick?


Due to hightened security, the procedures to get on Ft. Detrick have been modified. >>Get Directions and Access Information


What if I'm a foreign national?


If you are a foreign national, you are required to identify yourself ahead of time as, due to security requirements, you will need an escort to gain entry onto Fort Detrick. Once you receive your confirmation to attend and your Vendor Day Welcome Packet, please send an email message to the MHS Vendor Day mailbox identifying the foreign national(s), if any, who will be attending Vendor Day. Additional instructions will be provided at that time.


Do I need to bring a table and chairs for my display area?


Tables and chairs will be provided by the Government in the Vendor Day area.


Are there limitations to what I can bring with me to Vendor Day?


There are multiple electrical outlets available for use in the walls and in the floor, but caution needs to be used to not overload the circuits. Extension cords will not be available. No "backdrop" signs will be allowed due to space restrictions. Only tabletop signs with the vendor company name will be allowed. Products cannot be mailed to the site. If something needs to be mailed, it will need to be sent to your hotel. During the registration process, you will be asked to identify the products you will be displaying, and we ask that you only bring those products.

In addition, any items that are restricted by Maryland Law or DOD, thay may disallow access to facilities, are forbidden, such as firearms, explosives, knives, etc. Visitors entering Ft. Detrick will have their vehicle searched by law enforcement officials and possession of any of these materials may result in arrest.


Once I’ve registered for MHS Vendor Day through Eventbrite, does that mean my company is approved to attend?


Your registration will be reviewed and vetted by the MHS Vendor Day Review Committee. The vetting process will include considerations such as whether your company's identified product(s) are relevant to the agencies' missions, whether your company has already participated in a Vendor Day event in the preceding 12 months, and whether your company was scheduled to participate in a Vendor Day event in the preceding 12 months but was a "no-show" or did not cancel at least one week prior to the scheduled event. Once the review and vetting process is complete, you will be notified via email, if your registration included an email address. Otherwise, notification will be sent through the US Postal Service. For those who have registered in advance, the review, vetting, and notification will be completed approximately 30 days prior to the scheduled MHS Vendor Day event. For any registrations after that date, notifications will be sent as soon as possible.


If my company plans to have two people attending the MHS Vendor Day event, do we need an Eventbrite ticket for each of them?


No. The Eventbrite registration is for the company. If you plan to have two company representatives attend, you only need to register once (one ticket). Keep in mind that companies approved for participation will still be allotted only one display table, regardless of whether there are multiple company representatives who will be attending.


How frequently may we display at Vendor Day?


Generally speaking, vendors may display at Vendor Day once per year. However, if you have new products or significant updates, you may request to display a second time per year, subject to the Government’s approval and subject to available space.


What kind of items are appropriate to present at Vendor Day?


Generally speaking, items that are appropriate for presentation at Vendor Day include medical materiel and equipment for use in an austere environment.


How will we know if Vendor Day is still going to occur, in the event of adverse weather conditions?


On the morning of a scheduled Vendor Day, if you are concerned about adverse weather and possible delays or closures you may call the Fort Detrick Weather Alert Line at 301-619-7611 or 800-256-7621 for information about whether the Post is open on-time, on a two-hour delay, or is closed for the day. If the recording indicates that the Post is on a two-hour delay, then the Vendor Day set-up will begin at 9:00 a.m. and the event will still end at 2:00 p.m. If, however, the recording indicates that the Post is closed, the scheduled Vendor Day event will be cancelled.


What if I have additional questions that aren’t answered in the FAQs?


Any additional questions you may have may be sent via e-mail to MHS Vendor Day mailbox, and will be answered as quickly as possible.


What if I’ve registered and have been approved for participation in a Vendor Day event, but then cannot attend?


Vendors who need to cancel must do so at least one week prior to the scheduled event so that we may contact alternates and fill the slot. As the demand for Vendor Day slots is high, vendors who are “no-shows” or who cancel less than one week prior to the scheduled event will not be permitted to register and attend another Vendor Day event for one year.

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Last Updated: October 21, 2022
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