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2015 Health-Related Behavior Survey for Active Duty Service Members


Questions and answers about the 2015 Health-Related Behavior Survey for Active Duty Service Members

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2015 Health-Related Behavior Survey Active Duty

2020 DoD Women's Reproductive Health Survey FAQs


Questions and answers about the 2020 DoD Women's Reproductive Health Survey

Recommended Content:

2020 DoD Women’s Reproductive Health Survey (WRHS)

Warfare Exposure


The Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) play distinct roles dealing with chemical and biological (CB) exposures. DoD identifies and validates veteran’s exposure to CB agents and provides the names of individuals along with their exposure information to the VA. The VA then notifies individuals of their potential exposure, provides treatment, if necessary, for these individuals and adjudicates any claim for compensation.

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Chemical and Biological Exposures | Chemical and Biological Exposures

Frequently Asked Questions for Identifiers


View questions and answers about the nationwide standards for identifiers used in HIPAA compliant electronic health care transactions.

Recommended Content:

Health Plan Identifier and Other Entity Identifier | Identifiers | National Provider Identifier | Employer Identification Number

Patient Safety Order Materials


This outlines the frequently asked questions in reference to ordering patient safety materials. This includes vital contact information for assistance and account registration information.

Recommended Content:

Patient Safety
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