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Military Health System

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Utilization of the Case Management Registry for Military Health System Beneficiaries

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 19-004

Establishes DHA's procedures use of the Case Management Screening Registry.

TRICARE Prime Travel Benefit Program (PTB) and Combat-Related Disability Travel (CRDT) Program

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6000.05

Establishes DHA's procedures for the TRICARE PTB and CRDT programs.

Notifications and Reports for Radiation Safety Unusual Occurrences at Military Medical Treatment Facilities

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 21-001

Establishes DHA's procedures for reporting and notification of radiation safety unusual occurrences under the Nuclear Regulatory Commission License 45-35423-01.

Required Clinical Tools and Procedures for Assessment and Clinical Management of Mild Brain Injury (mTBI)/Concussion in Non-Deployed Setting

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6490.04

Establishes DHA's required clinical tools and procedures for management of mTBI/concussion.

Dental Sedation Medical Management

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6401.01

Procedures to establish a multidisciplinary approach to dental patient care guided by evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for dental sedation pathways.

Service Treatment Record (STR) Digitization, Quality Assurance, and Destruction

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6040.09

Establishes DHA's procedures to retain, validate, and destroy hard-copy STRs previously digitized by Record Processing Centers or Central Cells.

Military Medical Treatment Facilities Annual Regulatory/Triennial Training Requirements

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 1025.01

Establishes DHA's procedures to provide enterprise-wide training completion guidance to fulfill annual/triennial requirements of The Joint Commission and/or Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements.

Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care (K9TCCC) Card

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6000.08

Procedures on the use of DD Form 3073 for standardized and consistent documentation of prehospital care by the Military Departments.

Guidance for Immediate Completion and Closure of Open Encounters and Records in Legacy Systems

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6040.08

Establishes DHA's procedures to complete and close open encounters within the legacy systems.

MHS GENESIS Resolution of Procedural Conflicts

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6040.10

Establishes DHA's responsibilities and procedures associated with resolving conflicts between legacy electronic health record systems and MHS GENESIS.

Healthcare Benefit Eligibility Verification and Patient Registration Procedures

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6010.01

Establishes DHA's procedures for verifying eligibility, proper patient registration, and patient identity management.

Scientific Review of Clinical Investigations in Military Medical Treatment Facilities

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 3200.02

Establishes DHA’s procedures for scientific review of clinical investigations and research within military hospitals and clinics.

Medical Image Management Systems Support Office (MIMSO)

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6430.05

Establishes the DHA MIMSO within the DHA Medical Logistics Division.

Financial Management of Information Technology Systems and Services

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 8400.02

Provides overarching guidance, implement procedures, and manage aspects of the Defense Health Program’s Financial Management of Information Technology Systems and Services.

Medical Ethics in the Military Health System

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6025.39

Establishes standards for the implementation of the DOD Medical Ethics Program.

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Last Updated: October 22, 2021
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