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Military Health System

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Military Health Topics

Here you can find information about Military Health Topics organized by subject. You can also find reference materials that apply to the subject on each topic page.

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Centers of Excellence

Military Health System Centers of Excellence were established to provide the Department of Defense with the ability to speed the advancement of our scientific knowledge and evidence-based practices for diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions that impact our military personnel and their families.

Department of Defense Cancer Clearinghouse

This webpage supports the DOD’s direct care health system of medical centers, hospitals, and facilities providing cancer/oncology services. This webpage is intended to be a resource for patients, providers, and others interested in referring a patient, or asking a question related to cancer services available or cancer in general.

DHA Graduate Medical Education

The Defense Health Agency Graduate Medical Education Program is the premiere platform for producing Medical Corps Officers who are expert clinicians, trained to the scope of practice required in the operational force, and acculturated in the Medical Corps.

Doing Business with the Defense Health Agency

Interested in doing business with the Defense Health Agency? In this topic, you can find information about the Component Acquisition Executive office, the Office of Small Business Programs, and the Office of Procurement in this topic. Highlights include contact information, upcoming events for vendors, and a forecasts of business opportunities.

Education & Training

Health Care Administration & Operations

Learn about getting care in the Military Health System. See how the Defense Health Agency is increasing high reliability across the MHS and compare the quality and safety of health care across military hospitals and clinics. Information for health care providers is also found in this topic.

Health Care Technology

Health Readiness & Combat Support

The Defense Health Agency provides support for operating forces engaged in planning for, or conducting, military operations, including support during conflict or in the conduct of other military activities related to countering threats to U.S. national security. Among DHA’s most important combat support responsibilities is its work to increase readiness of U.S. forces to carry out their deployed missions.

Men's Health

Men die an average of five years earlier than women and are at higher risk for serious diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease, and HIV. Familiarity with men’s health issues, regular screenings, and preventive care can be key in encouraging good health and long life.

MHS Toolkits & Branding Guidance

Military Health System Mental Health Hub

The Military Health System has many resources available to help service members, families, or veterans who are struggling with mental health challenges.

Privacy & Civil Liberties

Research & Innovation

Defense Department’s overall investment for medical research and development (R&D) with Research, Development, Testing, and Development (RDT&E) dollars.

Warfighter Brain Health Hub

Warfighter brain health is the physical, psychological, and cognitive status that affects a warfighter's ability to adapt in any environment. Brain health affects readiness, operational capability, and mission effectiveness.

Welcome to the DHA Virtual Medical Library

The DHA Virtual Medical Library provides access to high-quality, evidence-based medical, nursing, and allied health information resources for Military Health System personnel. The DML ensures that all personnel have access to core, essential resources regardless of duty station.​

Women's Health

The Military Health System provides comprehensive women’s health care, including reproductive health care and gender-specific care associated with cardiovascular health, mental health, and musculoskeletal injuries.

Last Updated: June 27, 2024
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