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Military Health System

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Research and Development Enterprise Activity

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 3200.01

Establishes DHA's procedures to manage and execute research activities across the enterprise.

Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 108

Establishes DHA's procedures for the safe use of nonionizing radiation, to include lasers, laser systems, and controlled radio frequency radiation sources within DHA’s facilities.

Military Awards

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 102

Establishes DHA's procedures regarding a standardized approach for nominating, considering, and distributing DOD and Joint Awards for military personnel.

Radiation Safety Program (RSP) and Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 087

Establishes DHA's policy for the Radiation Safety Committee and for maintaining occupational radiation exposures.

Comprehensive Review of All Trauma-Related Death in the Deployed Setting

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 107

Establishes DHA's procedures to conduct a comprehensive review of all trauma-related deaths in the deployed setting.

Public Affairs (PA) and Strategic Communications

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 5400.01

Establishes DHA's procedures for public affairs and the strategic communications reporting chain and approval authority.

inTransition Program

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6490.01

Establishes DHA's procedures for implementing the DOD inTransition Program.

Quarterly/Annual Military Service Member Recognition Program

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 103

Establishes DHA's procedures for nominations and selections for the Quarterly/Annual Military Service Member Recognition Program.

Continuity Program

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 104

Establishes DHA's continuity program and planning guidance to ensure the effective continuation of DHA mission essential functions under all circumstances.

Guidance for Manpower Program

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 1100.01

Establishes DHA's procedures to understand and monitor baseline manpower requirements, request adjustments to manpower requirements and other activities with respect to manpower functions.

Defense Health Program (DHP) System Inventory Management and Reporting

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 8160.01

Establishes DHA's overarching guidance to implement the policies and procedures for the DHP-funded systems inventory management, registration, and reporting.

Comprehensive Contraceptive Counseling and Access to the Full Range of Methods of Contraception

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6200.02

Establishes DHA's procedures for comprehensive standards on health care with respect to access to comprehensive contraceptive counseling and the full range of contraceptive methods.

Conference Attendance Review and Approval Procedures

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 105

Establishes DHA's procedures to review and approve conference attendance ensuring responsible stewardship of taxpayer money consistent with the ability to manage professional development.

Return to the Workplace Staffing Plan in the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Environment

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 3020.01, Change 2

Establishes DHA's plan to return to full operations supporting the whole-of-government response during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information Security Program

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 5200.02

Establishes DHA's procedures for the Information Security Program.

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Last Updated: May 12, 2022
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