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Military Health System

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Use of Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) as the Authoritative Information System of Record for Medical Logistics Enterprise Activity

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6430.10

Establishes use of the DMLSS System as the authoritative Information System.

Shelf-Life Extension Program, Change 1

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6430.05

Establishes DHA's procedures to manage and provide guidance on the SLEP within the Military Health System and contingency operations.

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Shelf Life Extension Program

MHS GENSIS Policy Conflict Resolution

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 20-001

Cancelled. Replaced by DHA-PI 6040.10: MHS GENESIS Resolution of Procedural Conflicts.

DOD Medical Ethics Program in the Military Health System

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 18-012

Cancelled. Replaced by DHA-PI 6025.39: Medical Ethics in the Military Health System.

Healthcare Technology Management Medical Devices and Equipment Requirements Management for Military Medical Treatment Facilities

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 6000.02

Cancelled. Replaced by DHA-PM 4000.02: Medical Devices and Equipment Requirements Management.

Cybersecurity Program Management

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 18-015

Cancelled. Served its purpose.

Military Health System Information Technology Investment Management Framework

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 18-017

Cancelled. Replaced by DHA-PI 8400.02: Financial Management of Information Technology Systems and Services.

BUILDER™ Sustainment Management System (SMS)

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 19-005

Cancelled. Served its purpose.

Lifecycle Management Services Information Technology Asset Management

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 19-001

Cancelled. Served its purpose.

Physical Custody and Control of the DOD Health Record

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 18-018

Cancelled. Replaced by DHA-PM 6025.02 Volumes 1 & 2: DOD Health Record Lifecycle Management.

Guidance for Immediate Completion and Closure of Open Encounters and Records in Legacy Systems

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 18-021

Cancelled. Replaced by DHA-PI 6040.08: Guidance for Immediate Completion and Closure of Open Encounters and Records in Legacy Systems,


DHA Publication

Policy Number: 21-003

Cancelled. Replaced by DHA-IPM 21-003: Military Health System GENESIS Training

Acceptable Use of Defense Health Agency Information Technology

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 8140.01

Establishes DHA's procedures for acceptable use of DHA IT by authorized and privileged users.

Defense Health Agency Workplace Guidance for Final Reentry of Civilian Personnel

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 22-004

Outlines DHA’s guidance for the final reentry of civilian personnel to the workplace.

Analytics and Evaluation (A&E)

DHA Publication

Policy Number: 3000.01

Establishes DHA's procedures to enable a central A&E Division to act as a liaison between functional and technical stakeholders.

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Last Updated: July 27, 2022
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