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Employment Verification

  • For security and privacy reasons, we cannot provide current or past employee verification to third parties. 
  • The current or former employee must request the employment verification. 
  • There are four processes, depending on the employee status.

Current Employee

If the person is a current employee, he or she can go to the DoD MyBiz website and log in. On that site will be a link for "Request Employment Verification" that will allow them to enter the email of the new employer who they wish the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide proof to. The DoD will then send instructions to the email address provided on how to download the letter verifying employment from a secure government website.

Former Employee, Works for Another Federal Agency

If the person is a former employee who has departed the DoD, but who works for another federal agency as a government employee, he or she can contact their Human Resources department to request the process for their agency to access copies of SF-50 forms showing employment with the agency.

Former Employee, Retired

If the person is a former employee who has retired from federal service, he or she can either use the Defense Finance and Accounting Service MyPay site to download a retiree account statement, or can visit the Office of Personnel Management online services website to receive a copy of their records.

Former Employee, Left Federal Service Entirely

If the person is a former employee who has left federal service entirely, he or she can request a copy of the official personnel file from the National Personnel Records Center.

Last Updated: September 21, 2017

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