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Military Health System

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Omnibus IV

In May 2022, the Defense Health Agency awarded the Omnibus IV Multiple Award Military Medical Research and Development Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract to 56 contract holders of a broad range of military medical research and development activities and support services. The OIV award is an important advancement that supports the future of DOD research and development programs. Omnibus IV expands upon previous Omnibus R&D contracting vehicles which spanned more than nine years and resulted in approximately $1 billion in contracts. Omnibus IV is a larger contract with a $10 billion ceiling and 10-year ordering period.

In Nov. 2023, OIV was awarded the Tier 2 Designation by the Office of Management and Budget, expanding the contract use opportunities outside of DHA for all government to partner with DOD as lead or co-lead to fulfill medical R&D requirements pursuant to DOD’s support of the National Security Strategy. The Omnibus IV Ordering Guide is available in the Key Wins section for the Medical Category on the Acquisition Gateway website.

For DOD Requirements Owners

Word cloud describing Omnibus IV: Reduced administrative burden; Clinical investigations, graduate health science education; Military health, performance & recovery; Innovation; Multiple award ID/IQ; Small business partners; Radiation health effects; Task orders; Military health system research;  56 prime contract holders; Free to use; Human subject protection compliance; Decreased acquisition time; Chemical and biological readiness; Military medical R&D; Infectious diseases; Market segments; Translational science support & services


Thumbnail of OMNIBUS IV Military Medical Research and Development HT0011-21-R-0004

Download the Statement of Objectives




Thumbnail of the OMNIBUS IV Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Military Medical Research and Development slide deck

Download a presentation with Omnibus IV details


Omnibus IV supports a broad base of DOD requirements owners engaged in medical R&D and related activities and provides an opportunity to procure services in four main areas, called Market Segments:

  • Market Segment 1: Research and Development
  • Market Segment 2: R&D Support Services
  • Market Segment 3: Regulatory Processes
  • Market Segment 4: Translational Science Support and Services – a new area under Omnibus IV that supports migrating new technologies into medical practice

Services available include but are not limited to the following program areas: medical simulation technologies; infectious diseases; military health, performance and recovery; radiation health effects; chemical and biological readiness; clinical investigations, graduate health science education; and military health system research.

Omnibus IV Advantages

There are significant advantages to using Omnibus IV to meet R&D needs. Using the Omnibus IV contracting vehicle:

  • Allows for small business set asides at the task order level
  • Offers up to 5-year longevity and ceiling capacity of $10 billion over the 10-year ordering period (5-year base period plus 5-year option period)
  • Improves human subjects protection compliance – regulations are built into the contract
  • Is free to use – no client-paid Contract Access Fee or contractor-paid Industrial Funding Fee
  • For awards less than $25 million and depending on complexity, can decrease acquisition time and possibility of protest – task order awards can be made in as little as three months with no protest  
  • Based on task order requirements, can reduce contracting administrative burdens – performance, cost, and schedule data can be provided via the contractor-generated Acquisition Management Intelligence Report

Omnibus IV has already been identified as the medical R&D go-to vehicle for U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity, the Naval Medical Logistics Command, and DHA contracting. 

Questions about Omnibus IV can be emailed to dha.ncr.cod-fc.mbx.dha-acq-omnibus-iv@health.milEmail Omnibus IV


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Last Updated: June 21, 2024
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