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Military Health System

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Signed in 2005

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Signed in 2005

Medical InformaticsSection 753 for NDAA for FY 2001, HASC Reprot 106-61612/19/2005
Training on Environmental HazardsSection 736 of the NDAA for FY 200511/29/2005
Nurse Triage and Health Care Information Line ServicesHouse Report 108-49111/22/2005
Third Party CollectionsHouse Conference Report 108-62210/25/2005
Force Health Protection Quality Assurance Program10 USC Section 1073(b)9/29/2005
Clinical Research Program ReviewHASC Report 108-4919/14/2005
Temporary Reserve Health Care BenefitsSupplemental Appropriations Act Conference Report 108-3378/12/2005
Pilot Program for Health Care Delivery Interim ReportSection 721 of the NDAA for FY 20057/18/2005
VA DoD Single Separation ExaminationsSection 734 of the NDAA for FY 20027/18/2005
Third Party CollectionsHouse Conference Report 106-6227/12/2005
Miltary to Civilian Conversions in the Health Care FieldsSection 595 of the NDAA for FY 20057/11/2005
Coordination of TRICARE and Medicare Benefits and Provider PaymentsHouse Report 108-4916/8/2005
DoD VA Resource Sharing38 USC 8111(f) and Public Law 107-3146/8/2005
Centers of ExcellenceHASC Report 108-1066/7/2005
Expanding Access to Mental Health CounselorsSection 731 of the NDAA for FY 20015/10/2005
Chemical and Biological DefenseHouse Report 108-4914/26/2005
Separtions Resulting from Refusing to Participate in the Anthrax Vaccine ProgramSection 721 of the NDAA for FY 20014/13/2005
Strategies to Leverage Research FundingDoD Appopriations Act Conference Report 108-2834/4/2005
Third Party Collection ProgramHouse Conference Report 108-6223/31/2005
Peer Reviewed Medical Research ProgramDoD Appropriations Act Conference Report 108-6223/30/2005
Evaluation of the TRICARE ProgramAnnual Report to Congress about the TRICARE Program3/25/2005
VA DoD Joint Executive CouncilAnnual Report for FY 20043/14/2005
Travel Reimbursement to Hospitals for Certain Military Disability RetireesSection 722 of the NDAA for FY 20052/24/2005
Integrated Pharmacy ProgramsSenate Report 108-2842/9/2005
Health Care QualitySection 723 of the NDAA for 20002/7/2005
Selection Process for the TRICARE Regional Director PositionsPublic Law 108-375, Section 7271/31/2005
Medical InformaticsSection 753, NDAA for FY 2001, HASC Report 106-6161/13/2005
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